stylish blogger award.

wow, want to say thanks to lizelisabeth at voguish doodles for passing me this stylish blogger award.

rules to accept the award are:
1. thank the person who gave you the award
2. share seven facts about yourself
3. give the appreciation and award to seven bloggers, and let them know of their given award

i stumbled upon voguish doodles a while back and was charmed by liz's unfussy, feminine style. i love that her outfits are simple, yet interesting with her use of color and her knack for mixing prints and textures. not to mention she's just plain cute. thanks again, liz.

seven facts:
1. i wanted to be a dancer. still do. lol.
2. i'm a creature of the night. sucks that i have to wake up so early for work.
3. i could eat mexican food evvvryday. if a restaurant has good chips and salsa, the food will be good.
4. i always see the numbers '844'...in phone numbers, license plates, clocks. weird.
5. i have a fear of holes and repetitive patterns. classic example and probably the origination of my "uncomfortableness" is when they aerate large fields. they used to aerate the field at my elementary school and i couldn't get myself to walk across the field. makes my skin crawl. if you don't know what this is, google some images. i'd post a picture, but i can't stand to look at it.
6. i'm a tomboy at heart who secretly loves all things pink and pretty.
7. my closet is organized by style. all the tanks tops together, all the short sleeves together, all the long sleeves together. once tried to change things up and organize by color. i was totally confused.

i'd love to get to know you better, so i'm passing this award to:

nicola @ golden indigo
ashley rae @ a rae of style
pithsala @ as i like it
chris @ tinytines


it's a wrap.

was happy to get this scarf for christmas because it's something i wouldn't buy for myself - being that it's hot and sunny 362 days of the year here. came in handy today, though. still feel crappy (sick) and the scarf kept me warm during episodes of the chills throughout the day. no worries, i have other ideas for this scarf when the chills are gone. i used to be a ninja at tying up pareos. a skirt...no problem. a vest...no problem. a top...no problem. stay tuned.

(dress, banana republic)

pareos & sarongs - endless possibilities.
(photo: sarong-pareo-bali.com)


ten hut.

love red. can't wear red. not sure why. but it commands attention, and i've always loved black, white, and red. this blazer has a sort of denim look, so it isn't red-red. had it from the corporate, office-y days of dress codes and wearing suits. this blog has pushed me to incorporate the old with the new and i've worn so many things that would have otherwise gone to waste.
what has your blog done for you?

(blazer, express; leather shorts, uo)


raspberry (blueberry) beret.

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas.
as always, ours was filled with laughter, food, and good company. woke up christmas eve sick as a dog, but loaded up on the meds and still had good times. just a quick snap of a few presents...my family and friends were so on-trend this year. lol.
were your wishlists fulfilled?



Congrats to MARLOES. of the style sandwich!

a lot of yummy drinks i'll have to try...from passion tea apple juice, to mint hot cocoa, to strawberry black tea with honey!

hope you all are having a very merry christmas.
thanks to all who participated!


the consequinces.

sequined leggings were an office party hit. nuff said. lol. had to nix the red lips because the lipstick i bought was too bright. swapped it for a red flower and red nails instead.

in fact, we were having so much fun that i left my bag on my bumber when picking up lunch for the party and drove off. oh. em. gee. my wallet, blackberry, errrrything. after frantically retracing my route and scouring the parking lots, we called my phone and security answered it. some good samaritan had turned it in. THANK YOU, whoever you are!!

(leggings, charlotte russe; shoes, jessica simpson 'dany')

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been thinking of all my cold-weathered friends. everyone has been posting beautiful wintry photos of themselves frolicking in the snow in their lovely winter coats and boots. i'm loving the festive look of nordic prints in the form of blanket-y capes and sweaters. this christmas giveaway is for this Fiona Fair Isle sweater and one pair of leg warmers:


as always, i appreciate all who have followed and use my giveaways to get to know you better. no multiple followings or complicated rules to enter, simply be a follower here and leave a comment with the following:
1) i love my morning coffee; my starbucks order is a tall, two-pump, non-fat mocha with lite whipped cream. what's your drink?
2) what's your city (or state, or country) of residence?
3) your email address

hurry and enter, this is a quick one...ends friday, december 24th. winner announced on christmas.


rainy days and saturdays and sundays.

it was a weekend full of gloom and rain. normally i'd be loving this, but everyone was sick. other than a quick trip to blockbuster for some christmas movies, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and peppermint sticks, i was stuck at home, missing a crucial weekend for last-minute gift-shopping. this huge, boxy sweater easily became one of my favorites to throw on over shorts and leggings because it drapes in all the right places and is long enough that it covers the behind. also worn here.

(sweater poncho, express; two-toned denim leggings, f21; hat, mossimo)
if you like this sweater poncho, try the sonya sweater @ [oomph.]

last weekend, i was able to do some shopping, and picked up these sequined leggings. i've been wanting a skirt, but haven't been able to find the right one. thinking of wearing this to our office christmas party on wednesday...all black with a pop of red lips. whoa. lol.




what i'm enjoying most about these five-inch dany platforms is that i've been able to wear a bunch of things that have been in the "needs alterations" section of my closet...things that required a bit more skill than me and my scissors. i loved these pants when i bought them over eight to ten years ago. yes, it's been so long that i can't even remember when i bought them. the material is super thick with a little stretch, and holds its shape throughout the day. i'm loving them all over again.
thanks jessica simpson.

(shoes, jessica simpson 'dany'; pants, bebe; top, thrifted)


don't make a spectacle out of me.

finally started my christmas shopping today. did so well that i was able to sneak in a couple things for me...shhh. have a few voids in the accessories department. been wanting a new fedora and floppy hat, as well as wayfarers and some fun, round-ish sunglasses. checked two off the list today. along with a side order of jamba juice.
got any voids?

(fedora, joe boxer; sunglasses, unbranded)



garden florals.

in a sea of blacks and grays you will find an occassional pop of color in my wardrobe. a recent blog interview asked what my favorite color was, and in regards to clothing, i did a quick mental scan of my closet and blurted out, purple. it must be true because i found this dress tucked away in the far reaches of my closet, as well as other purple things here, here, and here.
what color pops up most often in your closet?

(dress, old navy)

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everything that glitters is gold.

i don't think i've put glitter on my nails since...forever, but thought i'd add a bit of holiday sparkle to my otherwise just-black nails. and lately i've been catching the afternoon sun in my photos. cool.
many people asked if the jessica simpson dany platforms here, and in my previous post, were comfortable. answer is yes. of course i wouldn't recommend them if you are going to be on your feet constantly, but i wore them for eight hours at the office, up and down the stairs several times, and ran a few errands at the mall during lunch, and my feet were unscathed. only thing was that i walked slowly, just in case, and that was irritating because i usually walk really, really fast.

(jeans, express; tee, lucky brand; shoes, jessica simpson (endless.com); jacket, rampage)

white jacket also worn here, and jeans here.

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holy mother of...shitzu.

ok, i knew these bad boys were gonna be big. but i didn't know they were gonna be that big. i thought my aldos, here, were high...but these jessica simpsons are towering. for a split second i thought about returning them, but they are comfortable and pretty stable because of the chunky heel. i really needed black shoes, but my size is hard to find...mainly in shoes, but rings and other things too...so when i actually find things in my size, i tend to snatch them up even when i don't need them. hate when i do this.

(jessica simpson dany platform; endless.com)
they were on sale at endless.com + free two day shipping!
another simple and easy fighting eel dress, like the ones here and here.

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