been thinking of all my cold-weathered friends. everyone has been posting beautiful wintry photos of themselves frolicking in the snow in their lovely winter coats and boots. i'm loving the festive look of nordic prints in the form of blanket-y capes and sweaters. this christmas giveaway is for this Fiona Fair Isle sweater and one pair of leg warmers:


as always, i appreciate all who have followed and use my giveaways to get to know you better. no multiple followings or complicated rules to enter, simply be a follower here and leave a comment with the following:
1) i love my morning coffee; my starbucks order is a tall, two-pump, non-fat mocha with lite whipped cream. what's your drink?
2) what's your city (or state, or country) of residence?
3) your email address

hurry and enter, this is a quick one...ends friday, december 24th. winner announced on christmas.


  1. 1) I like a tall, non-fat, white chocolate mocha with a shot of raspberry!
    2) Fort Lauderdale, FL
    3) caseycenator@gmail.com

  2. 1. I don't drink caffiene so my drink of choice would have to be a huge hot chocolate with whipped cream (you'd get a totally different answer if I lived in a warm climate! ;)
    2. London, UK
    3. purdey.singleton@gmail.com

    I love this cardy it's gorgeous xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  3. 1) I normally drink a cup of tea, but I love a cup of cappuccino for an early morning.
    2) Malta, Europe
    3) gertrude.aquilina7@gmail.com

  4. 1) I drink a cup of tea every morning. It's my preference of drink for my mornings.
    2) Toronto, Canada
    3) and_tearsforfears@msn.com

    I agree, the nordic and winter themed sweaters are beautiful!

  5. 1. favorite drink is definitely an americano with half n half and splenda.
    2 I live in Los Angeles, CA :)
    3. neekoh . livelovela at gmail


  6. Great! Tks for your comment, loved your blog. I'm following it now :)

    I would like to participate in this giveaway:
    1. My favorite drink by the morning is definitely milk!
    2. I'm from Portugal, Europe
    3. ana-nml@hotmail.com

    Keep the good work that you're doing here!
    xoxo, Ana

  7. Great blog and nice give away!

    1/ my favourite drink in the morning is a cup of hot tea with a slice of lemon
    2/ I'm from Belgium, Europe
    3/ fantasteicon@gmail.com

    xoxo Sarah


  8. I love your blog! So happy you stopped by mine...can't wait to read more! I'm a new follower!:)

    1) I'm not a coffee drinker...but I can't do without my morning Coca-Cola Classic!
    2) I'm in Florence, Alabama
    3) abeadle1617@gmail.com

    LOVE that sweater! :D

  9. OOO! Love this giveaway!!

    1) I love just a plain cup of dark roast coffee + a little steamed milk + one splenda :)
    2) Boston, MA
    3) julie.lungaro@gmail.com

    Cheers! -Julie

  10. 1) I'm in love with eggnog! The non-alcoholic kind of course.
    2) Boston, MA
    3) livingdoll96@gmail.com

    Fantastic giveaway!! I absolutely adore fair isle :) Come enter my giveaway, it's the last day! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  11. 1) Freshly squeezed orange juice :)
    2) London, England
    3) connie_superstar@hotmail.com

    Thankyou for your sweet comment on my bog by the way :) connie x

  12. I LOVE giveaways! Thank you! Pick me, pick me!
    1) Grande nonfat latte...EVERYday!
    2) Bethesda, MD
    3) amanda.e.faber@hotmail.com

  13. Oooh, I got so excited for the giveaway I forgot to say thank you for your comment on my blog. I am definitely following you now. Please follow me too if you liked it.

    :), style-dc.com

  14. i really want a big wool cardigan like this but having the hardest time finding one. so pretty

  15. Fabulous giveaway!! That cardigan is so beautiful and looks comfy. I am now your follower!

    1. I am obsessed with iced chai (skim). I don't drink coffee, so this wakes me up every morning.
    2. I live in Missouri (US)
    3. jenniferb02@gmail.com

  16. Awesome giveaway - love the cardi!!
    1. I love Thai Iced Tea, but I drink it hot in the winter ;D
    2. I'm from NYC
    3. email is fashionableasians[at]gmail.com

  17. I love your giveaway!
    1. either hazelnut latte or caramel machiato.
    2. Detroit, MI
    3. dododoolly[at]gmail.com

  18. Of course I had to enter! :)

    1) Winter: tall, non-fat white mocha or white hot chocolate, no whipped. Summer: venti passion tea apple juice with 4 pumps classic and 2 pumps raspberry. So delish.
    2) LA, California.
    3) araeofstyle[at]gmail.com

  19. OH great giveaway! Following your blog! :)

    1. Fave drink: hot green tea with honey :)

    2. I live in Georgia, USA

    3. commonsenseandstilettos@yahoo.com

  20. Very nice giveaway!

    1) I love some hot chocolate milk with loadsss of whipped cream and a teaspoon of advocaat.

    2) I'm from The Netherlands, Europe

    3) monieklinssen@hotmail.com

  21. 1) I love hot tea while chatting with a friend in a bar
    2) Torino, Italy
    3) tizzzy86@hotmail.com

  22. 1--Any of the Holiday drinks or caramel mochas. I did a post on mochas today on my blog!
    2--(Atlanta) GA USA

  23. I love your style!:)

  24. 1 - Diet Coke or hot tea
    2 - Augusta Georgia
    3 - jrspry1@msn.com

  25. 1 - My favorite drink right now is mint hot cocoa thanks to my trader joes mix!
    2 - New York
    3 - hello [at] mandabear [dot] com

  26. OMG..I could potentially LIVE in this sweater.
    great giveaway.
    New followers:)
    I take a grande 1 equal chai
    living in the beautiful state of New Jersey

    Fingers crossed.

  27. Love my at home brewed coffee in starbucks italian roast with cream and muscovado sugar.for to go it's starbucks tall cappucino.


  28. Thank you for your sweet comment dear! :) Yes, that sweater of mine has zippers on the shoulders. :)


  29. 1) Just a big latte with lots of sugar. Actually, I will drink any kind of coffee, as long as it has enough caffeine in it for me to get through the day ;).
    2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    3) stefipodmusica@gmail.com

  30. 1. honestly, I hate coffee haha
    2. I live in Laren, The Netherlands
    3. marloeskamer@live.nl

    Love this give away!! I follow you with google friend connect ;)

  31. 1. Tall dark roast, maybe a coffee misto
    2. Calgary, Canada
    3. wearingareindeerjumper@gmail.com

  32. My favorite drink is a good rosewhip tea with butter cookies.

    I'm from Santiago, Chile

    my mail is bei.nitroglicerina@gmail.com

    Greetings from the end of the world!!

  33. I love to drink a bottle of green tea in the morning!

    Im from San Francisco, CA
    email: mimizhu55@hotmail.com

    I am your new follower now~Hope u follow me back!


  34. i loooove nordic prints!! awesome giveaway ;) i'm a follower!

    My favourite drink is strawberry black tea with honey :)
    Ontario, Canada

    theskinniegenes at gmail dot com

    thanks <3!

  35. I'm a new follower - LOVE the site!
    *1 - My drank' is definitely a hot americano with one pump of white mocha. :) mmmm.
    *2 - Spokane, WA
    *3 - flowerponychloe@yahoo.com

    Can't wait to peruse your blog! So inspirational.

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  36. thanks for visiting my blog!

    I like so much your post, but I don't think is possible for me to partecipate your giveaway as I live in Italy!
    Will you become my follower? I'll do
    stay in touch


  37. This is really pweety (:
    Thanks for the comment


  38. Love it!! :)
    1) Venti Soy Sugar Free Vanilla Latte
    2) California
    3) an@hautepinkpretty.com

    <3 Merry Christmas!!

  39. following via bloglovin'
    1) i don't drink coffee : /

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  40. 1) starbucks defintely but i dont drink their hot brewed thingy :)
    2) philippines.
    3) ratnarap_72@yahoo.com

    merry christmas to you.

    ennaid love.

  41. 1. I love Lemon Iced-Tea. Always refreshing and it never fails to cheer me up!
    2. New Delhi, India.
    3. pithsala@gmail.com

    Merry Christmas!

  42. 1. Grande Caramel Macciachato Nonfat Milk Sugar free Vanilla.
    2. Sunland, CA BABY!
    3. echoulaghians@yahoo.com

    great blog. Next time you are in Vegas...visit the Cosmo! Happy Holiday Emily Jennny http://stilettobeats.blogspot.com/

  43. Great Giveaway!

    1.) Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte
    2.) Vancouver, British Columbia!
    3.) aliciag22@hotmail.com

    Happy Holidays!


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