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i was tagged by the gorgeous sarah of burn the blonde to take part in this "i love your blog - interview" that's been going around. so, here goes...

1.  why did you create your blog?

originally started this blog to accompany my small online store...to provide customers with ideas on how to wear the clothes sold at the store. blogged privately for a while with my own clothes while waiting for the next shipment of stuff to come in. finally went "live" so that my sister could test out my links, and in that time receive a couple of comments. wasn't until then that i realized there was this whole blogosphere out there.

2.  what kind of blogs do you follow?

can't say i follow any certain blogs, i like to read them all. but i mostly enjoy blogs of everyday people with everyday lives...with lots of outfit pictures. you guys are the best inspiration.

3.  favourite make-up brands?

i'm a drugstore person for the basics...eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, etc. however, mac is my go-to for bronzers, lipsticks, and eye shadows when i'm feeling wild for color.

4.  favourite clothing brands?

i don't buy things for the brand. i buy what i like and what fits...whether it's from target or gucci. however the brands that frequently pop up in my closet are fighting eel for easy dresses like the ones worn here and here, and true religion for jeans.

5.  your indispendable make-up product?

i'm always powdering my face...currently using physicians formula's mineral powder for my sensitive skin. i usually choose powders that have SPF in them too.

6.  your favourite colour?

i have favorite colors for different things, but i seem to have purple things in my closet more than anything else. love the richness of jewel tones.

7.  your perfume?

haven't bought perfume in years. you know the people (men & women) who walk by and you go, "whoa!"...yeah, i don't wanna be that person. so i opt for lighter body sprays, plus people always give me body shop & victoria's secret stuff. i'm currently using the vs love spell body spray, but my go-to is calgon's morning glory.

8.  your favorite film?

i'm easily entertained...i like most movies. probably easier to tell you which ones i dislike. dirty dancing was an ultimate fave...swayze, dancing, forbidden love?! but a more current film that i really enjoyed was crash. go watch it.

9.  what country would you like to visit and why?

i'm a dreamer. i love the idea of cobblestone streets, sitting at outdoor cafes sipping on coffee. i used to always say France, but i guess any European country could satisfy this??

10.  write the last question and answer it yourself: is there any one fashion rule you stick to?

in general, i think there aren't any rules because nowadays anything goes. but i once heard that you should never wear white shoes...so i never ever wear white shoes. however, if i could afford them, these might be the exceptions to the rule...gucci bamboo clogs or louboutin minis.

passing this interview on to the following (if you wanna do it, do it. if you don't wanna do it, don't do it. if you already did it, cool.):
gertrude @ bows & pearls
janelle @ barestudy
notsoChiara @ money gone for


  1. Great post hun and thank you for the tag! (How fab is Sarah?!) x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  2. Great to find more about you. :)

  3. It's nice to get to know more about other bloggers :) Thanks for tagging me!! xx

  4. Interesting answers girl!
    I think u are so cute! :)

    CK from


  5. love your blog <3
    you are cute! :)

    x Milciak

  6. yeah...now i'm feeling like i know you better!! and your blog!! congrats...it's cool!!! <3

  7. Great answers! So glad I tagged you! :) I LOVE Crash, what a movie! I've never heard the rule about white shoes..oops...I used to love white shoes in my teens! Don't own any now though, unless Havaianas count!

    Burn the Blonde

  8. hey thanks for dropping by my blog..just read thru few of your posts..luv your sense of style..relaxed yet chic!!!

  9. Great post, I learn a few thing. Thanks for sharing. Love Sia x

  10. I'm a drugstore girl too when it comes to basic make-up, although lately for skin care, I've been venturing onto to department store brands.

    Great survey!

    Patricia Ann

  11. Oooh I love this tag! It's always fun to learn about other fashion bloggers. :)

    I remember when Crash won all those Oscars a while ago and it peaked my interest then. Now, I might just have to put it on my netflix!

  12. Congrats on getting the blogger interview. It's great to learn new things about bloggers.


  13. Nice work!! I love burn the blonde, such a cool blog :) Really interesting facts about you, i too don't like to buy clothes for the brand. Congrats!!!

  14. great post! very interesting!
    xoxo S.



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