the motherload.

over the years, i have built up quite a collection of jeans in my search for the perfect pair. i've been storing them in the parents' garage, and i am often reminded to go through them. hint, hint...get rid of it. finally had a chance to look through a couple of the containers, and...whoa! i knew i had a lot of jeans, but didn't realize it was a LOT! hundreds, literally, of different brands, colors, styles, and embellishments, with some other things mixed in. this denim jacket was one of my happy finds. more posts to come as i try to re-work these oldies but goodies.

(denim jacket, old navy; dress, bamboo sky)


  1. Amazing! I have so many clothes that I don't wear but can't bear to throw out too... Though mine are dotted all over the place (London/Cornwall/Berlin/Austria) so I think I have an excuse!

    Love your blog... xx


  2. You know what? I just went through my denims today. I have just a few pairs, but it was good to put them on and rediscover why I love them!



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