a week of summer essentials. UPF clothing.

summer is all about being outdoors, doing what you love, and soaking up the sunshine. but at some point, you have to cover up and protect yourself from the rays. just as sunscreens have an SPF (sun protection factor) rating, clothing has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating. they have to have a rating of at least 15 in order to be labelled as sun-protective and a minimum rating of 30 in order to have the skin cancer foundation's seal of approval. UPF 30-49 is considered good protection, 50+ is excellent.

look for this seal.

your typical white tee has an average UPF of 7. once it gets wet, it drops to 3. fabric that is stretched out also loses its protection as light can seep through, so make sure to replace them as they wear out.

whatever your passion, there is something cute made just for it. here are some options for keeping you protected while still looking stylish.

swimming / surfing / paddling

surfing / volleyball

poolside / running

hiking / farmer's market

walking / water park

lunch or coffee with friends

there's also a laundry additive, Sun Guard, that washes UPF 30 sun protection right into your every day clothing!
it's good for 20 washes.

how far do you go for sun protection?
do you wear UPF clothing?

in case you missed it:


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

It true you learn something new everyday. I never knew that about a white t-shirt.

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

I'm so white I'm practically transparent! I've always been an advocate to sunscreen but I've never thought of wearing UPF clothing. I never knew you could get a cute dress that could help you stay protected from the sun as well, thanks for sharing!

Erica D said...

Sometimes you don't need to be near naked on the beach! I see some things and I just think...really? LOL anyway its a great idea to protect against the UV.

Elle Sees said...

all of these are excellent choices

Samantha Mariko said...

Oh wow, I didn't know clothing had SPF in it! that's really helpful, and your sunscreen article is great! I can't leave my house without sunscreen on my face and arms at the very least!


awesome post, such awesome coverup ideas!


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Helena Oops said...

Lovely selection!

Iván The Trendy Surfer said...

Amazing selection !!



Unknown said...

Love this summer selection!


Unknown said...

NEVER forget sunscreen lol

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Clothes that protect you from the sun are really becoming popular.

Q said...


Unknown said...

I am a man..still impressed and know just the 2 ladies who I will forward them to..I hope they take it in the manner in which it was sent

Katie said...

I love these! I'm fair skinned so I definitely need something like this!

techlazy.com said...

love the reach out to fashion street bloggers, but cupcakes and cashmere & the blonde salad are blogs consisting mostly of themselves wearing different outfits. A few other awesome street blogs are: all the pretty birds, lee oliveira Crazyask.com

Unknown said...

Very cute style ideas! I love the clutch. I just posted some date night inspiration on my blog too! I'd love you to check it out.UpdateLand

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