blurring the lines.

on two separate occassions, some lame guy has made some lame remark about me wearing my prison suit.  while wide black and white stripes have been a uniform of the paaast, i have 1) never been to prison and 2) have no idea what they actually wear there...but bright orange comes to mind.

something about stripes always catches my eye, and while i don't shop with a plan to buy stripes, i always end up with them. just like animal prints, they're visually stimulating...a sort of eye candy. keeping it simple and neutral, stripes are a refreshing classic. they stand on their own requiring little to nothing else to make a statement. prison i think not.

(dress, 5/48)


  1. Nice! Follow each other?



  2. hey! Alright, so basically I'm lovin' your blog and I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links (advertise eachothers blog on our pages). It's a great way for you to get your site out there and mine too!

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    Thanks, girl!
    -Kristen @ couturekristen.blogspot.com


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