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visit laura's blog and you'll see that she is the poster child for all things cute. from hello kitty to anime to your favorite comic book characters, she has the amazing ability to pull off anything cute. in addition to that, she's amazing in the kitchen and great with a sewing maching. she's quite the little
martha stewart, if you ask me.

in november 2011, she opened the shop of worldly delights, an etsy store filled with all kinds of cutesy goodness. hair bows and lapel pins and necklaces and scarves are what you will find in the softest felts, fleeces, and bright, fun prints. any item from her shop is sure to add oomph to your outfit. check out these items below then head on over to her shop for more!

tribal print infinity scarf

cute owl key ring

tim bear brown fleece scarf


  1. Thank you for this post!!
    Started following her blog and now a fan of her etsy store :) YAY.

  2. We love Laura! So glad to see you send her some love :)

  3. Laura is the best! I ordered 2 infinity leopard scarves from her. My mom was trying to steal mine (she loved it so), so I had to order one for her. She also ships super fast. I love Laura's blog topics too! A very "real" blogger! She tells it like it is :) Becks, I ordered 3 bottles today! HAHAHAHA I'll blog about it the week after next. I can't wait to try it.

  4. that bear scarf is so cute, and so is she!

  5. ohhh! this is way cute! my sissy would love the owl ring key :) enjoy the upcoming weekend sweetheart!!

    love, jamie

  6. Such cute scarves! Want want want!


  7. Very cute designs.
    Congrats on a new sponsor...

    By the way I added your blog to 'My Fellow Fashionista Mommy Bloggers' blog roll on my site.

  8. Hi lovely, I like your style!!!
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    You like art and fashion?
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  9. Ahw, specially that scarf is so cute!!

  10. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other?


  11. Oh how cute!! I will have to check out her shop!


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