two down ten to go.

february is gone, and in looking back at my resolutions,
here's a quick recap of the month:

sleep early - nope. blame it on netflix.
exercise - check! met with the gang once a week, light exercise at home the rest of the week, koko head twice.
girl time - check! wine and good eats with the neighborhood moms.
read - started live wire by harlan coben.
one-on-one mini time - check! koko head & shopping with mini-she.
try something new - check! crepes restaurant.
fix laptop - nope. but we did get a new home computer.
organize posts - check! stuck to a few key post dates including some valentines themed posts.

how was your february?

near my sister's house, there's a gas station-turned-restaurants. the turnover is fairly quick since the location isn't ideal, but it is currently occupied by a pizza parlor, a mexican restaurant, and a crepes place. not sure if this place even has a name, but their tiny space is quaint and the owners nice. they offer savory breakfast type crepes and sweet crepes.
romeo et juliette for mostly mini-he and a latte for me.
(dress, local boutique (similar)(similar); shoes, nine west (buy))

check out the new hair bows at the shop of worldly delights.
last day to get 10% off the entire shop.


Unknown said...

Hello dear! I love this outfit, and especially love the clutch and necklace with that dress! Nice print on your dress! Hope you had a good day! xx


Deppa said...

My february was really short! but I guess that it was a good month anyway :)
I'm sure that march will be better.

Cute dress, Love the colors!

See you.

Katie said...

Good job with your goals! Cute dress too!

when BABI speaks said...

you look stunning dear! i love everything in your outfit! love your necklace, dress, pumps, and clutch. everything seems perfect!

♥ Babi

Jewel Delgado said...

Wow! I love everything. The colors are perfect for summer vibes here in our country. ;) You're pretty as always. :)

Jewel Clicks

Christa Cox said...

love the resolutions. You look gorgeous as always!

Jessica said...

OMG!!!!! I LOVE THIS OUFIT!!!! I just can't get enough of your blog posts!!!


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Gorgeous print babe! Love all the island bright hues! You're such an inspiration...if I wrote all my resolutions down, maybe I'd have a chance at sticking to them ;D

Thanks for visiting my blog love, hope you’ll be back to see my latest designs!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture.com

Fashion Pad said...

Girl that dress is too cute!!! And you look great!

JennaStevie said...

Sounds like a pretty good month! You stuck to your resolutions well, I'm impressed. I should start doing monthly ones, better way to track things.
This dress is so gorgoeus, I love the print and colours and the fact that it's one shouldered. How cute?! You look gorgeous

Unknown said...

looks like you accomplished quiet a lot in February. mine was very unproductive. the dress is so pretty, very Hawaiian.:-D


Bre said...

swear I'm not hungry then I come to your blog and my mouth waters at all these amazing things you are eating. I don't even like crepes but now my brian thinks I need one.
You look so cute and summery and I am so proud of you for hitting almost every resolution.

Fashionable Rose said...

i love your dress! the colors are so beautiful! i loved the resolution report hehe! well done! i wish i could put exercise in my timetable..! but i don't really enjoy it..

oh that crepe looks so yummy! i love sweet crepes!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Nice going! You are doing well on your goals. Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

Jackie said...

You look so gorgggg in this dress... love it! Damn those crepes look awesome right about now. I swear I have the hardest time fulfilling my goals but I gotta work on it so keep up the good work.

Andddd I keep setting dates to come down but ahh for sure I'll come down on my birthday which is in April so I'll be keeping my word. Miss you we def have to meet up and take lots of outfit pics!!

Call me M said...

OMG that crepe look delicious! We have lots of places which make crepes in my country! We eat them a lot, salty or sweet.
The outfit, is once again really beautiful! And congrats for achieving most of your goals for the month! :)

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Love your dress :) the print is beautiful :) Glad you are getting on well with your resolutions... I need to check up on mine! :)

Love, Vanilla

Claudia Kitten said...

Love your dress!
Claudia xxx

noone said...

cute dress, glad to hear you're still following your resolutions! and ya lately I'm working on sleeping early too!

Frannie Pantz said...

Oomph this dress is gorgeous! I am glad that February went well for you!

Bonnie said...

I am going to need to borrow this dress. Sound good? I'll lend you my Calvin Klein little red dress in return. kthx.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Balancing Lisa said...

you look amazing as usual, love that bag! xo


Elle Sees said...

Mine totally sucked, but maybe if I had this dress and looked gorgeous like you, things would've been different!

Anonymous said...

Loooooooove this little bright ruffled number! Very flattering cut for you, you've got great shoulders. The brown/black clutch is a lovely touch.

<3 cambria

Sia said...

I love this dress. x

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Great dress girl and I love that straw clutch!

TaraMixandMatch said...

Loving the colors in your dress!

Unknown said...

I am so happy u like the clutch :)
I love this dress. and really like the baubles!!!!!!
I so need those.Where'd u get them?

Unknown said...

Yum, crepes are my fav, esp filled with nutella and strawberries :) I love this dress, and that clutch is too cute!
xo Jac

oomph. said...

Reva - i got the necklace at Bebe!

Claire said...

what a pretty dress! i'm so excited that tropical prints are back in. and i love that clutch. i've missed your blog so much! you look gorgeous!


Outside Looking In said...

LOVE that dress!


Jessica said...

You look so pretty. I love your clutch and the print of your dress.

audrinajulia said...

Love your outfit.. Just reminds me that summer is coming. Great to know that you've done a lot from your resolution as well.:)

Stephanie said...

Beautiful dress!


Oreleona said...

breathtaking dress and i love ur clutch <33333

Hautepot said...

February went by so fast! I'm exhausted already and we're not even mid-year! You look awesome by the way!

Unknown said...

That is a bold and beautiful dress! Also, I just adore your chunky necklace! Gorgeous.

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