clipix. an [oomph.] discovery.

 when i browse the internet, i use bookmarks to save pages of interest. my list of bookmarks is literally endless, and pages are saved in no organized fashion. i have to scroll through my list every time i want to get to a particular favorite.

enter clipix. a free, new and useful tool for organizing the things we see online everyday. using clipix, i can save anything that i want to come back to from photos and videos to recipes and crafts to even blogs.

what i love is that it's easy to use. after signing up, you add the "clip" button to your favorites bar, then clip away. every article or photo that i clip is stored on a clipboard that is customized and organized by me. privacy settings allow you to share your boards with everyone or keep them just for yourself. you can even search public clipboards and re-clip something you like to your own board. there's even an iphone app so you can take your clipboards with you.

install the "clip" button for easy clipping.

keep clipboards private or visible to all.

i can see myself using this for projects at work. i am constantly surfing the net for furniture pieces, artwork, and inspirational photos. clipix clipboards could keep everything organized by furniture or by rooms or by schemes. mini-he loves to watch videos of bounce houses. he has his favorites which i search for every day. i could clip all his favorite videos on one clipboard for easy access.

if you need help getting organized, clipix may be your answer.
how could clipix help you? what would you use clipix for?

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lovelyxobsessions said...

sounds awesome! I needed something like this!

Mary said...

I'll have to check that out! Sounds like Pinterest. But I love anything that helps me out with browsing.


Bre said...

This is genius.

Meri said...

it looks a lot like pinterest (which I love) I'll have to try it out!


looks cool!


courtzmelv said...

This looks great, definately something i'd consider buying xx

Call me M said...

I agree with the others that it looks a lot like Pinterest, but it seems easy to use and interesting.
Although I save everything on bookmarks, using folders to organize them by category, is almost the same thing, and it works for me.

Bonnie said...

OMG, THIS IS AMAZING. I think I had a mild heart attack at how much easier this will make my life.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

I have to do this. I almost lost my breath I got so excited.

<3 Cambria

Tiffany said...

Oh, I just saw myself on your little blog list and got SO excited. lol

This site sounds awesome!! I need something to help keep me organized!

Elle Sees said...

this is pretty rad!! thank you.

smugnificent said...

wow, it looks really cool, I have to tak a look!

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

This looks so awesome, I'm afraid I might get addicted to it like Pinterest though haha.

Anonymous said...

Previously, I've tried to use folders from time to time to organize my bookmarks, but this seems like a better tool because it is visual.

james said...

this is so cool, kind of like pintrest! i will totally check this out! I hope that you are well sweet thang <3

love, jamie

Wonder Woman said...

Sooo convenient. Can't wait to try this out! :)


when BABI speaks said...

looks so cool! I'm gonna check that site too! thanks for sharing! :-)


Susan said...

Had never heard of it before. Will def check it out!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Very interesting. Never heard of them. Cool video.

Carol said...

I just checked out clipix after reading this post and I am loving it so far! It is definitely similar to Pinterest, but I love that I can keep my boards private if I want to--now I can save gift ideas w/out worrying about my Mom and sister seeing what they are! :)

oomph. said...

it's wonderful! i have been using it more and more! with the clip button in your toolbar, it's so convenient and easy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone else shares my love for Clipix. It's awesome isn't it? I have a new found love for bookmarking and DIY projects.

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