mini fun + mini haul.

mauka to makai.
(towards the mountains / towards the sea)
last summer, a classmate kept us updated, via facebook photos, on his mauka to makai themed summer in which he took his kids hiking one day, to the beach the next. i thought it was a great idea because it's taking advantage of the two best places here. on sunday, i had a quick meet up at the beach where my friend was renting a beach house. it was perfectly overcast and mini-he had fun playing in the water and sand. monday, i hiked with the gang. if i can go mauka to makai at least once a week,
i'm a happy girl.

where are the best places to be where you live?

one of my favorite [striped] weekend dresses by fighting eel.
my friend's son built this teepee for mini-he.
tons of great driftwood for building forts.

mini drugstore haul.

my two favorites, lovelorn & up the amp, running low.
i hit the drugstore to get some new lashes at 25% off. they turned out to be a steal at $0.63 each...i stocked up. everything revlon was on sale, too, so i decided to try the revlon lip butters in hopes that they might replace my current mac favorites. i also wanted a lilac polish, and revlon's #325 in gum drop was the exact color i wanted.

have you tried these lip butters? and for those who use lashes, can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive ones?
do they last longer?


  1. oh how fun that looks! i love the photo of the sand and your flip flops!
    looks like it was perfect weather too!

    xo kaitlin

  2. lovely pictures! :)
    those lashes are such a great deal!

    i have both sweet tart and cherry tart and like them a lot.
    they are long lasting for sheer lippies, imo. :)

  3. i love this post! it makes me wanna do something mauka to makai every week too! i have a lot of friends that do this on a weekly basis. that was a goal of mine, to incorporate outdoor activities in my life more often.


    p.s. love minis curls! too cute!! my nephew had a full head of hair like this when he was younger too.

  4. I've heard a lot of good things about the lip butters, I've been wanting to try them for a while now.
    I wish I lived so close to a gorgeous beach! The best places to go around my town are the historic downtown area and the ballpark since whenever it's warm there's always something going on in those places.

  5. Looks like mini-he had a great time. Living in Kansas, it is hard to imagine beaches and mountains in the same spot. We have rolling hills and wide horizons, and occasionally wild weather.

  6. you're so lucky for those lashes. You are one happy girl. That looks really fun. And now, I miss the beach


  7. looks awesome- where I live, we're known for our lakes, and that is where I love to be! Especially in the summer though!

  8. I'm from LA but I would always recommend the hiking trails in the hills/mountains and the ski resorts during winter. I try to stay away from the beaches here, I feel like they're dirty... your beach looks great though! I would love to play by the shore like the kids in the picture :)

    Wish you'd post about how you like the lashes and the lip butter, I've seen so many people buy that but haven't read about them yet.


    1. i will post about the lashes and lip butters :)

  9. Ah! Gorrrrgeous photos! I would go to the beach everyday if I lived there! The mountains are the only thing our new small town has going for itself... I can't wait until it warms up enough for us to go exploring!

  10. When I used to be out in San Diego for months at a time, I would LOVE going to the Coronado Beach. I still go there whenever I get the chance. It's an awesome spot. I also liked going to the San Diego Zoo, the best zoo in the world.


  11. Hey love, awww I love reading and seeing pictures with the minis and your fun weekend. There are so much places here to go hiking and exploring but I never really got to do either so I think I'm going to for the summer. Ohh and of course lots of nature and photo opportunities :) Love this fighting eel dress on you, I always wanted to get one too ;)

    I love red cherry lashes, they are pretty good quality. I'm too stubborn to spend my money on eyelash extensions so falsies will do. I think revlon has the best lipsticks and nail polishes. I never tried the butter ones yet but they look promising. I miss you!

  12. Gorgeous beach pictures!


  13. I really want to try lashes too! wish i'd scored such a stellar sale


  14. The best places around here are the medieval city of York and the Yorkshire countryside... which is kinda everywhere :) I wish I had a beach a bit closer to home!! :) I hope the lipstick shades work for you!

    Love, Vanilla

  15. it must be soo cool to have both mountains and the sea close to where you live! those photos are wonderful. they make me miss the seaside so much. I live in the mountains and the landscapes are really gorgeous but I think I am rather a "sea girl"

  16. what a pretty pics! the dress is so cute and perfect for go and relax in the beach! i am following you! xoxo.


  17. amazing photos :)
    happy weekend! xx

  18. The beach and the teepee look like so much fun! We grew up on Lake Erie and miss the water so much. Love your nailpolish color on your toes too :)

  19. Amazing photos by the sea! You look great!

  20. Oh wow, I wish I lived near the ocean. I live right in the heart of downtown Ottawa, and since I refuse to take the bus and don't own a car, I basically only go so far as my feet will take me, which is rather limiting. Of course if my friends have a car that's another thing but... just within my walking distance radius, I can get to Dow's Lake, where you can rent kayaks, and there's a lovely park, and my favourite gelato place is on the way :D

  21. sorry for your finishing lipsticks! but the beach shots looks very much fun!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  22. beach photos - the best! it's so cool that you live in hawaii. i love your mint polish too. thanks for stopping by my blog. i love what you're doing here! i'm going to follow.


  23. Oh Wow! What a beautiful place! I miss summer so much! Really great photos and gorgeous nailpolish! It's my favourite color for this season!
    xx nik

  24. Def. down by the shore in the summer time is the best place to be. It's not as pretty as Hawaii, but I'll take it :) I guess I could get into false eyelashes seeing as how I have none of my own..hehehe

    Vintage Collar Necklace Giveaway

  25. Nowhere as beautiful as that! Love your photos.
    And I haven't tried the butters...let us know how they are. I don't really find a difference in lashes...typically use the revlon ones. I do like a good adhesive though and prefer the ones that are "already sticky" vs applying glue.

  26. You are so lucky to live where you do. Your kids get to explore and see such amazing things! To say I am jealous is an understatement!
    My favorite places here would be the lake we go camping at in the summer, getting away to the mountains or just enjoying the ravines in spring/summer/fall :)

  27. Lovely blog!!!! You have a new follower!!!!!kisses from:

  28. I don't know my town so well yet, but as of lately the best place to be is anywhere indoors! We have has rain and winds of 20mph. YUCK! I want to go to that beach that you are on.

    So, I feel like I am the only girl who doesn't wear fake eyelashes. I have thought about it but just never jumped on the band wagon. Maybe it's time.

  29. You live in the most beautiful place! Love this photos!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  30. girlfriend. i miss you! hoping everything is going great! and by the looks of these photos it looks like life is a beach ;)

  31. My favorite place to spend time is a place right outside of Vegas called Mt. Charleston. We often go up there for hiking and picnics ;)

    I have two of the lip butters and want MORE. I can't wait to get a few more shades.

    I use lashes all the time and have bought everything from mink to 10/$2 on eBay. It really makes no difference to me and I've actually gotten more compliments while wearing my cheapies!

  32. Nice haul!! 25% off is an awesome steal!


  33. I would love to live closer to the beach or somewhere with some mountains. In IL, it's all flatlands and corn-- it gets pretty boring and hot and humid.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  34. I love my lip butters. what a great sale becks! ohhh, the beach and mountains are perfect. i wish we had more outdoorsy places like that. our river is brown, muddy and murky. yuck! lol you are so lucky!

  35. Beautiful pics :) I love you dress! Thank you for you comment at my blog :) Your blog is great, I am following you now :)

    Come and see my blog again (if you want :D)

  36. lovely pics!
    have a nice weekend,

  37. Love that stick teepee, I wish I could go to the beach! You and your kids look absolutely adorable!

  38. looks like a wonderful day out on the beach! The teepee is so cute!

  39. these pics make me long for summer!

  40. Cute pics :)

    I invite you to

  41. Lovin the beach photos! I can't wait to hit the beach! And i must try that lipstick!


  42. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been so busy and caught up with my own life that I've missed out with blog hopping but I'm slowly getting my kick. I love the photos and the new lay-out. Will spend more backtracking with your post, don't worry.

    Would love to go back to the beach and be a bum, really. Happy Sunday! =)

    1. no worries...sometimes life catches up with us!

  43. Nice blog! Pretty casual dress and nice photos. You've got real style.

  44. i like cheap lashes. in fact i use the same ones you do. i figure with cheap ones you can wear a few times then toss and get a new pair. of course the expensive fancy shu uemura ones are pretty fantastic!

    i like the beach near where we live. also the mountains. and there's always disneyland :)


    1. i recently got 10+ uses from a pair of drugstore lashes!! it you are careful with them, they last!

  45. Pretty casual dress, lovely pics!

    kisses from:


  46. Cool photos !! love you new items !!


    xoxo from Japan

  47. Oooh, how fun!! We've got some beautiful white-sand beaches here. They're probably my favorite places to spend a Saturday. I don't do it often enough though!

  48. your mini is so adorable, i love the curly hairs on him, i always used the mascara from drug store, can't tell the difference really!!!

  49. It looks like you had an amazing time and the photos are gorgeous doll. Thx for sharing.

    <3 Marina


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