eyes wide shut.

as i was trying to pry myself away from mini-he yesterday at preschool drop-off, something immediately caught my eye. another parent had forgotten to cut the price tag off her shirt. the bright white tag was clearly visible under her sheer top.
i wanted to tell her, but she was across the way and i was dealing with mini-he's separation issues.

i was reminded of a personal incident many years ago...an unplanned trip to the beach left me with nothing appropriate to wear, so i ran into ross and grabbed the cheapest sun dress i could find. later, after grabbing lunch at mcdonalds, my sister told me the price tag was hanging out the back. talk about total mortification...all those people standing behind me in line?!

so, back to my original thought...i have no problem telling a friend, but do we tell a stranger that their price tag is showing? or that they have something in their teeth? do we risk embarrassing them now or save them from future embarrassment? would you want someone to tell you?

(cardigan c/o danielle celeste; skirt, DIY (similar)(similar);
tank via oomph (buy); shoes, nine west (buy))

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  1. That is a really good question..I guess if it was a friend than I would tell them, but with a stranger, I'm not so sure. Sometimes I feel like it's not my place to tell them, but then later on in the day, I feel bad that I didn't. Such an awkward position to be in! But anyways, I love your outfit. I like how the orange reminds me of spring and animal print ALWAYS looks good with orange in my book!


  2. Really beautiful outfit! Love your DIY skirt!
    That's a tough call. I would probably prefer not to be told. This way, when I was going to find out, I would probably think that no one saw it, since no one told me anything. Don't know if I confused you!

  3. I also experienced that before. I told my classmate that there is price tag hanging on his polo shirt. No problem with that. If its a stranger will try to inform that person.

    By the way, I am dressing up lately and your orange top and your leopard skirt reminds me of my clothes that never worn out! :O all are brandnew. Sigh. I will take this as an inspiration and hopefully will blog about it soon! :D

    Happy Weekend! :D

    Jewel Clicks

  4. ha-ha-ha. no, I would not tell a stranger something is in her teeth.
    but price tag or something like that - yes, I would inform a stranger. by the way, I would not think forgetting to get the price tag off is so embarrassing.. that has happened to me before too.

    love your outfit and the necklace is gorgeous.

  5. First of all--favorite outfit ever. I LOVE the orange and leopard! So freaking chic I can't stand it! Love love love!

    Second, I always say that I would tell. And I would want to tell them. But I always chicken out because I feel like an asshole telling someone that. I feel like someone is an asshole when they tell me that, but only because I am embarrassed and then I am grateful because I think of all the other places and people that I could have gone to with something in my teeth or a tag on my dress. Such a sticky and awkward situation! And def hard to tell someone who you don't know!

  6. I really love your skirt and shoes! This outfit is so gorgeous on you!


  7. yes I would tell them in a very discreet and non offensive manner. btw, I love your leopard skirt! you pulled it off well as always!


  8. I've never had this happen before (or seen it happen before), but I would probably tell them their tag was hanging, but I'd be really hush hush about it :)

    LOVE this outfit, Becks! That skirt is fabulous!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  9. I hate when this kind of thing happens! ALWAYS tell them if you physically can get to them. I tucked my dress into my tights once and was so grateful to the lady who told me, SO embarassed.
    I absolutely love this outfit, the leopard print skirt is amazing with the orange top, such a great combination!

  10. Love this mix of orange & leopard print! So cute!
    I guess maybe just try to be as sweet about telling someone about that as possible? I don't know. Hope you are well!
    <3 Kastles

  11. My policy is to always let people know when something is terribly wrong (in the nicest way possible, of course) because I would want a stranger to do the same for me! LOVE those pb crunch bars..om nom nom nom! Fantastic outfit ;D

  12. Orange and leopard go so well together...great outfit!

  13. I would want to tell someone, but I think I'd be too embarrassed! Love this skirt! xx

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  14. interesting topic I want my friends to tell me but I don't know if I could tell to someone I don't know...

    nice roar skirt!!



  15. You look simply gorgeous! Love your outfit and yor blog too!:)

  16. What a beautiful outfit!

    Oh and I get so embarrassed when someone tells me something like that. I have the hardest time telling others (especially when it's my boss or someone of great importance). But it's worth it in the end, you don't have to stress over it and everyone forgets in a few minutes!


  17. I don't know if I would want to be told or if ignorance is bliss.... hmm If it was something hugely embarrassing like my skirt tucked into my underwear then tell me! :) Love your skirt paired with your gorgeous orange top! Love this look :)

    Love, Vanilla

  18. Ah, orange and animal print go so well together! LOVES!


  19. Cute, I love that you're playing with that combination of leopard and bright colour...it's one of my favs. And this white cardi is still a HIGHLY coveted item on my wishlist!!!

    <3 Cambria

  20. You look fab, foxy mama!
    It's funny - one of the first things I ever said to my husband was that we needed to be good enough friends that he could tell me if I had something in my teeth. ;)

    As far as rings go, I can't stop wearing this one:


  21. i would totally appreciate being told regardless of whether it was by a stranger or not. Just yesterday, i walked around the grocery store w chocalate on my cheek (Ava's remnants during an impromptu kiss kiss hug hug) and no one said a thing to me!

  22. you look fabulous! very pretty outfit with fun style. i'd probably tell the stranger, but it would depend on their attitude.

  23. thanks for your comment! I love this chic outfit, it's perfect for a day at the office or even a night on the town! Especially love your accessories. Totally drooling over your vintage shoes!

    The House of Shoes

  24. I've had strangers tell me, but I don't think I've ever told a stranger...or maybe I've never noticed.

  25. Loving the tangerine paired with the leopard! I think having the tag still on your shirt isn't nearly as embarrassing as having something stuck in your teeth, but I'd still want to know! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    The Tiny Heart

  26. Love this outfit! The pop of orange is great! I'm especially crushing on the cardigan! -Jessica


  27. Becks, that looks totally awesome. Love the way you styled the cardi. Ok you want a price tag story. For some odd reason both my twin sister and I never take the price tags off coats or blazers. We're weird. So one time at work (I was working at Wal-mart in the fabric dept about 7 years ago) I was seen by a manager running through the store wearing a hot pink blazer with a price tag flapping behind me at my neck. Later that week I was called into the office with the big dogs...suffice it to say that it was not pretty. I promise you I did not lift the blazer. They considered me suspicious though for running to the copy machine to xerox photos out of the latest pattern catalog with a tag dangling from my collar. Go figure.

    By the way, what about CurrentlyObsessed.com? Do you have to be someone with high traffic to be approved? Talk soon ;)

  28. oh i love your bright orange shirt to this leoprint skirt, you look gorgous as always!!! and i personally prefer to be emberassed to be saved for even worse future emberassament. i remember one day i wearing a light skirt and after returning from the bathroom a part of the back was caught in my tights ( i don´t know how this happened haha) and my ass was free to see for everybody but no one told me, i only noticed by the way how people looked at me that there must be anything wrong haha oh my god this was really embarassing..so i definitely would tell that people too ;)
    wish you a fabulous weekend darling
    love and kiss,mary

  29. Depends on the situation I guess, if I would would say anything. It's so awkward, but I would appreciate if someone told me. And obviously I LOVE the orange and leopard ;o)

  30. Yep, that is definitely the right thing to do! Love that orange and leopard together. So stunning!

  31. Very cool.

  32. I have been eating those Nature Valley peanut butter granola bars like crazy lately. They are SO good!
    Your cardigan looks super cozy.

  33. p.s. I tell people when their tag is still on or they have something in their teeth. I hope that someday someone would return the favor!

  34. Yes, I'd want to know. And I always try to tell someone, very discreetly, because I'd be mortified if no one told me
    xo Jac

  35. Sigh. I always have the problem of whether to tell or not tell. Because sometimes, I am the one that feels embarassed for even noticing it. But the best thing to do would be to just let the person know. I know I'd want someone to tell me.

    IG @always_ashleyrae

  36. love your look!!

  37. Love the cardi!


  38. I love the blue ring :) gorgeous outfit!


  39. love the outfit! its fab on you! im your newest follower!

    xx Kelly


  40. what a gorgeous look! i love the animal print mixed with orange, white and black!!! what a great skirt! and those rings are fab too!!!



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