don't shred a tear.

feeling a little ambitious this weekend, i decided to give the DIY shredded t-shirt a try. back in the day we used to cut, tie, tear, dye, bead, bedazzle, and safety pin our t-shirts...but never did we shred! if by accident we did, we threw out our "mistakes" and started over. after three or four ruined practice shirts, a lot of holes, sore arms, and silky smooth fingertips, this was the outcome. i started with two side panels, but i could see endless possibilities.


  1. Wow this looks awesome! I so have to try this! Does it work on every shirt or does it have to be a certain material? and what did you use to shred it! So original! I love your blog! Following!


  2. @ janelle - my fingers!!

    @ caro - tight-knit cotton shirts work best. this one here is a hanes tee.


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