raise a brow.

if in a pinch, i could survive a day without eye shadow,
blush, or lipstick...but i wouldn't feel comfortable leaving
the house without my eyeliner or eyebrows.
as someone who used to over-pluck, i'm always envious of the perfectly shaped brows i see in magazines. my sisters and i used to spend hours experimenting with different shapes. my mom even bought us kits with stencils, which i absolutely loved. 

i was recently introduced to anastasia soare of beverly hills.
anastasia has been shaping the brows of hollywood's elite for many years and developed her signature line to help us achieve these fabulous brows at home.

the anastasia beverly hills product line includes the beauty express brow kit...complete with shadows, stencils, and brush.
too thick, too thin, too long, lop-sided no more...
i can't wait to try this.


  1. I have this kit & let me tell you ITS AMAZINGGGG!!! I have extremely unruly brows & this kit keeps them in place. You're going to love it!

    xo Jackie

  2. Cool kit :)


  3. I've always wanted to get this kit but remember it being somewhat pricey. I may have to bite the bullet and try it since I keep hearing how awesome it is

  4. I'm obsessed with my brows as well... let's blame the society ok??


  5. I wish I know how to put make up on aside from face powder and lipstick. Looks like a great product!

  6. Looks like a great kit.I'm still in the process of perfecting my arch. Then I know it's thick enough, until the mac SA told me to achieve thicker brows more for a younger look. Well I'm obedient enough to follow her tip.

    Great post regarding beauty tip.:)

  7. I was lucky enough to have a great natural eyebrow shape (so I just "clean" it), but this sounds like such a great kit because I know how tricky it is to get the perfect pair of eyebrows! :)


  8. I love experimenting with shapes as well but I cannot decide if i like thin or bold brows more. Great tip! Thank you!

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  9. that's so cool, but it's probably of no use to me since i get crossed eye while working on my eyes :P

  10. Looks great, but i don't wear any make-up. I'm very comfortable in my natural look ^^.

  11. Thanks for posting this. I love to get my eyebrows done, but it is so expensive. I try to keep up at home with the Sally Hansen wax kit, but this is great with the stencils!


  12. Great kit! I fill mine in, but it's just one little color, nothing swanky like this! ;) Let us know what you think!


  13. Oh, that's awesome! Let us know how you like it! I have brows that belong on a wooly mammoth. If I don't wax or pluck, I have one giant eyebrow. lol

  14. i'd like to hear what you think about this kit! I have a lot of hair, but my brows are sparse. Does that makes sense? I have to pluck almost everyday to keep them clean, but sometimes I have to shape them (which is hell) and sometimes I have to shade them in (even more hell)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  15. This is awesome! Let me know what you think, I've been looking for something to help tame my brows!


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