they say guys will spend twice as much on something they need, while girls buy things they don't need just because it's cheap. these pants were one of those things. they were on sale for $9.99. i bought them many years ago, and this is the second time putting them on. there was a short-lived period in which people were dressing up casual pants and wearing them out in public.
i tried dressing these up, but it didn't feel right. i mean, casual pants will always be casual pants, no? so i kept it casual by pairing it with a tee and added simple heels and
a fedora...cause everything's better with a fedora.

anyone else not loving the new blogger interface as much as me?

(necklace, blue vanilla)
mochi ice cream.
(tee, metropark; pants, bcbg; shoes, nine west)


  1. You look so relaxed and ready for the beach! :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  2. love the pants. <3 you should were them more.

  3. Ooh la la! Casual chic at it's finest, Becks! I love this look. You def know how to pull off the "sweatpants" look. I've tried it, and it wasn't for me, so I moved on. That's what I love about fashion / trends, trying them and seeing what works and what doesn't... and for you, my friend, it totally works.

    How have you been? Hope all is well. I'm slowly getting back to my good ol' self. Got outta the house today (went to class) and felt about 90%. I gotta kick this cold completely to the curb!!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. and I forgot to mention... I too, am NOT diggin' the whole new blogger interface. Bleh. But I'm trying to not resist it so much. Change is good, right? haha.

  5. totally dislike the new blogger interface...I went back to the old style but just got a message telling me soon it will be gone for good. On a brighter note love how you style casual!

  6. Aw hell. The new Blogger is horrible!!!! I have to load my photos like eight times!

    Plus side is that I LOVE this look. The heels and fedora keep this outfit polished and playful. Great look!

  7. I love it! The grey is beautiful!

    xx Romy


  8. What a laid back, fun outfit..love it!

  9. I haven't loaded anything properly yet as my camera is still AWOL, so I haven't seen the changes to be honest. I take it from the above comments that it is annoying!!!

    nice hat! xx

  10. I think you paired them nicely! And I really liked how they look with heels!

  11. Even in track's you look good. Love that about you. It's all about the way you feel isn't it?
    I haven't switched over to the new interface yet...but have heard many aren't lovin' it.
    I just bought Ava a fedora last night! eek.

  12. omg i love the sweatpants with pumps!!! so cute!

    xo Jackie

  13. It's suuuper cool and the accessories you wear are gorgeous



  14. This looks so comfy ;) I HATE the new interface.. it's been getting on my nerves all week (since they forced the change on me). Trying to learn how to use Blogger all over again sucks ;(

  15. Totally agree with first line - you summed it up so well. You are one of the few people who can really rock an outfit like this! Wish i could wear it

  16. I love the pants! Really love the heels with the casual outfit, gives a laid back chic vibe!

  17. GIRL! Only you could get away with rocking such a casual outfit with heels. I'm loving it. x

  18. Very cool combo.

  19. Cute outfit! Some of the cutest style of sweat pants I've seen!

  20. This is a unique way to dress up sweatpants!

  21. You are making those sweatpants look positively glam! And I think you might be right about guys & girls shopping habits. I can never resist a good deal!


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