a week of stripes. weekender.

stripes and cargos for a casual day strolling around town.
a chilly, early morning trip to the farmer's market followed by a hot cup of coffee is what i envision for a nice saturday activity. now, if only we had saturday mornings free...

if you had a free saturday, how would you spend it?

in case you missed it:


  1. Great casual look! I think I have a pair of almost identical shoes in black! :)

    Have a great night! xx Pip


  2. Love the striped top and your crochet bag!

  3. I can see lots of "lines" this week! LOL! They are all great on you. I like this one most. Very relax and stylish at the same time.

    Well, I don't have a free Saturday because it's a work day for me but I get Mondays off. If I have a free Saturday, this is how it would be: 11am - just woke up, 11-1pm - Sit with my coffee and do nothing, 1-7pm - read anything from books to magazines to blogging and read other's blogs (basically do nothing). I guess I would say I'd rather spend my time at home =D

  4. Free Saturday morning? They have those? LOL I would love to go to stroll the Farmer's Market or just randomly watch a girly movie with a hot cup of coffee. I love your stripes and cargoes!

  5. Love this pairing Becks! Those cargos are cute. Live the pockets. I love going to breakfast places on the weekends.

  6. perfect casual look! kisses,darling!

  7. Nice casual look! I usually spend my Saturday mornings sleeping. hehe

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  8. Love the stripes and camo combination, definitely perfect for a casual saturday. A free saturday would consist of the gym, walking the duke and then going out with friends for dinner

  9. I like the striped top, especially the wide neck.

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  10. I love this casual look! Perfect for on the go!

  11. I've always been afraid of cargos, for some reason I think they wouldn't look well on my figure. But after seeing you, I'm at least tempted to go and try them in a store to see for myself :) I love the casual vibe of this outfit!

    xx Ivana

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