[oomph] eats. grilled romaine.

as someone who loves and consumes a lot of salads, i know how i like them...cold and crisp. but i changed my mind after trying the signature salad (grilled romaine) at a fairly new restaurant, grylt. while the overall restaurant experience was just ok and the food a bit salty, i did like the idea of grilled romaine. romaine lettuce is hearty enough to withstand heat, and done right, it's still crispy and even sweet. you can find a bunch of recipes on the internet, each with its own twist,
but here's the basics:

romaine hearts, halved lengthwise
olive oil
coarse salt and pepper
shredded parmesan cheese

brush hearts with olive oil, salt and pepper,
grill until slightly charred, top with cheese and serve.

signature salad + steak add-on from grylt restaurant.
beef barley soup & acai bowl.

*     *     *

week #3 of east vs. west [coast] style coming up tomorrow!
so far we've rocked denim shorts and nautical stripes.
can you guess what's next? stay tuned.

*     *     *

last week to enter!


  1. That's a new one for me - I've never heard of grilled lettuce. Hmmm....

  2. Yumm. Similar to the dinner I made for myself tonight.

    A few months ago I tried Grilled Watermelon at a fancy restaurant simply to see how it would taste. Nice!

    1. grilled watermelon?? interesting!

  3. It looks so yummy , I never tried anything like this before .
    Following you too :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. This looks delish! Gotta try this!! Thanks!

  5. Looks tasty! ... too bad I don't have a grill... :(

  6. This looks incredibly delicious, I love barley soup too. I like summer and grilling veggies!

    Enjoy your week. xx/Madison

  7. I have never had grilled romaine salad looks delicious I would like to try it.

  8. Wow this looks so delicious! I also like salads a lot but I actually prefer my food warm. So this would be the perfect combination :-)


  9. What a delicious way to keep slim and healthy too! Thanks for the great share.

  10. I only got to try out the acai bowl so far, but I want to go back!! This looks good!


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