weekend in photos.

it was the first weekend of summer for the minis, and we definitely took advantage of it. it included the movies,
the beach, and lots of good eats.

with the minis on summer break, things are expected to get busy around here. i apologize in advance for any interruptions in outfit posts. you may see a sponsored post or two to fill the voids, but i assure you more giveaways, and a fun collaboration i'm working on with a few bloggers. and in case i forgot to mention it, check out this post on sunny days & starry nights to see what i'm currently craving.

took mini-she and my nephew to the movies.
if you saw iron man 3, what are your thoughts?
burger, fries, and a chocolate shake upgrade.
headed to the beach for work & play.
the surf instructor took mini-he out to catch a few waves.
soaking up the sun.
panoramic view of the beach.
next stop? shave ice at my favorite general store.
strawberry + li hing mui and pineapple...
both with ice cream and snow caps.

...yep. i'm paying for it now.

*     *     *


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Iron Man 3 was pretty good, but I was hoping for more action.

  2. This looks like an amazing weekend for the first one of summer!! So much fun with the kiddo's, I really enjoyed Iron Man 3!

  3. oooh, if mini-he is learning to surf does that mean that YOU surf?

  4. Looks like the perfect beginning to summer. I am now craving fries and a trip to the beach! Also, I love how you call your children, "the minis". :) Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Very nice photos !
    I love this cute recap of the weekend!

  6. great photos! looked like a very nice weekend!

  7. I would never think that you could get sun burned! A native of the islands and all. I feel so much better. lol

  8. Looks like a great weekend! I love the one of you floating...so cute! xo

  9. looks like super duper summer fun to me becks. oh you don't get those moments back. enjoy the summer with your children. love these pics. more sunscreen! more sunscreen!

  10. Love the weekend photos. My kids summer break starts next week. Pretty excited. Will be seeing lots of beach/pool photos. So sorry I have been mia. As you see in my blog this month has been crazy with hosting such big parties and trips. I am so burned out.
    Friday night we are going to a timeshare presentation and at the end they are going to reward us with round trip tickets to Honolulu and 3 day stay. That is where you are right?
    I am not sure when we'll take the trip but if we do I would so love to meet you in person. :)

    1. for sure, Daphne! keep me updated on the trip!

  11. I love shaved ice, yum! Looks like you had a great weekend :)

  12. Seems like you've had a great weekend! I wish in England was warm enough to go to the beach or the pool but it seems what British people consider "super hot" is barely warm for me :D



  13. So happy, Summer is here, I love your pictures, the shaved ice looks sooo provocative and in general these look like so much fun.
    Hope you had a nice time.
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  14. Oh my, looking at the pictures is such a treat and really makes me long for summer. Here the only water we get to enjoy so far is the pouring rain :D!

  15. Looks like a fantastic weekend...minus the sunburn!

  16. It always looks so fun and exciting to see your pictures. I haven't seen iron man 3 yet and I don't want to ruin it so I didn't read through all the posts. Hopefully I will see it soon. Thanks for the share.


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