dress as skirt.

i'm no expert when it comes to layering, but i learn
from the best...YOU, my cold weather friends.
while i love the depth and texture layering creates, it's
almost impossible to re-create the looks i love in our year-round warm temps. thank goodness for air conditioning.
(maxi dress worn here)

our office was never big on snacking. in fact, we were lucky if we even ate lunch. but over the past few years, we've acquired a few new employees. and now, we snack. one employee's wife bakes us all kinds of stuff from lavosh to scones to bread pudding. in case you missed them on instagram, see them below. this same employee just brought in a convection oven, and now we're having fresh baked cookies. the office never smelled so good.

tell me one of your favorite layering combos.
do you snack in your office? what's on your snack table?

blueberry scones, mandarin orange/cream cheese jello,
chocolate chip cookies...

here's a look to try:

*     *     *

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in sunday's season premiere of Tia and Tamera, the girls headed to the spa and unknowingly booked a v-steam. their reactions are classic; see the photos here. before this, i'd never heard of this treatment...have you? and have you tried it?


  1. What an amazing outfit! Loved the striped skirt.

  2. Sunshine! The bright yellow looks so fresh with stripes.

  3. Love the stripes and pop of color!

  4. LOL Oh lucky you! I live in Boulder, Colorado which is the hippie capital of the state. So we always have snacks, but usually it's fruit or nuts or veggies. LOL You are lucky to have cookies! I love your striped maxi skirt/dress!

  5. I LOVE this outfit! I really like the mix of the pattern and the bold yellow color. I love everything you put together, though, hehe :)

  6. What a great idea. I'm cold-weathered but have never thought of this. May "borrow" your idea :O)

  7. How you manage to stay so slim with all that cooking, I have no idea! Love this pop of yellow with the black and white. X

  8. You are officially READY to come Toronto! Although you may need a parka. :0
    Love this color combo.

  9. Oooh I LOVE the layering here, Becks. Yellow + black + white is a lovely color combo, and I am really digging that vest. I'm a compulsive snacker (it's awful, I know) and I will go on not eating meals because I snack!

  10. Becks, you are the master mixer girl! I am loving that yellow with those stripes. I have to do that with my navy and white striped maxi skirt. Also, hand over that necklace! LOL I just finished (yesterday) baking those pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. They are so good. I won't buy regular cookies anymore. I love them baked hot and fresh.

  11. This is a perfect layered outfit - I just love it <3 I like it to layer, and I have always the feeling e. g. that a dress isn´t complete if I don´t wear a cardigan over it ;)

    And no, normally I don´t snack in the office. We have a good canteen and I like it to eat my lunch there :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  12. You look great hun, what a beautiful combination! I love dress/skirt it's always a great way to make your wardrobe versatile. xx

  13. Wow, I so love this outfit! It is perfectly layered and that necklace is amazing!!! Great styling and I hope all is well! I hope you will stop by soon! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  14. I LOVE when I can wear a dress as a skirt!! Totally freshens up the wardrobe for free.


  15. I really love this! I've been thinking about doing something similar and your look has definitely sold me on doing it! Love the colors and how you styled it! Perfect!

    xo, Kenya


  16. I love yellow with black and white.

  17. Love the color combo!! I often do this too! Just to throw some variety in the outfits!


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