weekend randoms.

since some of you may be gearing up for the 4th of july weekend, i thought i'd share some pictures from last weekend. we certainly have been enjoying the longer days by packing in the activities and staying out as late as possible.

as mini-she gets older, i've been seeking volunteer opportunities to teach her about giving back. i signed us up to help at one of the bigger book sales here. we were "adders" which meant we totaled the customers' books and sent them to the cashier. it was a great opportunity for mini-she to use her math skills. on this day, everything was 50% off, so people didn't come to us with one or two books...they brought box loads of books to add up!

mini rolled her teenage eyes when i told her we'd be there for seven hours, but supporting our public libraries is a good cause, and the organization took care of their volunteers. mini got a free t-shirt, a yummy lunch, and a box full of books at
great prices.

they fed us the most delicious lunch consisting of a
curry-chicken-apple salad sandwich and this beet-pasta-feta salad. after googling, i found out that this was a pasta called ancini de pepe.
we also got free shave ice from one of the vendors there.
they used homemade syrups; this strawberry milk flavor was so good...you can even see the strawberry seeds!
sunday mornings are spent watching mini-he's football game. it was a really exciting game. we were in the lead, but the other team scored literally in the last 30 seconds and won by 2 points.
in the afternoon, we headed to the courts to roller skate, play tennis, and shoot some hoops. tennis is such a great workout.
and, boy, those 10-foot baskets are hard to make...
i mean, i'm only 5-ish feet!

if you are celebrating, have a fun and safe 4th of july.


  1. Aww man!! I totally wanted to go to the book fair!! That's sooo awesome that you're getting mini-she into volunteering!! I remember when I was younger I spent every summer working at Summer Fun! My cousins candy striped at the hospital(I wish I tried that) Looks like a great weekend! Happy 4th!! Be safe and have fun!! ♥

  2. Wow you were very active that day! good for you, cute pics

  3. becks, you are the best mother! what a wonderful experience for your daughter. she will appreciate it looking back. your son is just too cute. i love the activities they're involved in. you really keep them busy which is a good thing. you're doing a great job and you look SO GOOD doing it.

  4. You're brilliant!
    Kinda lovin' that you are wearing denim cut-offs to play tennis!!!!! lol.
    Happy 4th! xo

  5. miam miam http://closet-confession.blogspot.com/

  6. Libraries are so important. Kudos to you.

  7. I agree about libraries being important. My kids love to go, they are such a great place!

  8. lovely blog <3
    Would you like follow each other?:)


  9. So cute post!
    I love the pics!
    Miam looks delicious!

  10. Shaved ice cream...never heard of that! Sounds delicious.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  11. This is such a great way to spend your free time as a family!



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