an [oomph] review. kiwi crate.

i was provided one kiwi crate to share with mini-he.
all opinions are 100% his. and mine!

if you have kids in your life, whether your own, or nieces and nephews, or your friends' kids, you'll want to read on. subscription boxes have been popping up like crazy, and this is one you will want to subscribe to. it's called Kiwi Crate.

kiwi crate was created as a way to 'celebrate kids' natural creativity and curiosity'. each crate contains 2-3 age-appropriate projects with all the necessary materials.
your child provides the imagination!

the theme of our Kiwi Crate was Wonders of Water,
and the activities included:
Floating Sailboat.
assemble a colorful sailboat, then learn to steer it
in the tub or pool
Watercolor Animals.
created vibrant sea creature art with color diffusing paper
and your own spray bottle
Water Experiments.
investigate surface tension and buoyancy with
included bonus materials

here's mini-he making watercolor animals.
our plant was perfect for drying our animals!

view this on you tube here.
check out the second part of this activity here.

our thoughts:
we absolutely loved this.
the best part was that the crate included all the necessary materials needed to do each project. (sometimes we were asked to provide water or pennies, things anyone would have at home.) the graphics were cute and simple, and the instructions were easy to follow. my son loved the two activities we did so far, and coincidentally, the water experiments lined up perfectly with
the science he was learning in school! 

crates start as low at $16.95/month.
you can buy 6-12 month subscriptions or purchase single crates; these would make great kids' gifts.
visit their website for more information.

have you tried kiwi crate?
if you have kids, would you consider kiwi crate?


  1. Ive never heard of kiwi crate before,but if I had children or younger brothers and sisters this is something I can they'd love.Such a cute and innovative idea.looks like you both had a lot of fun x so cute x

  2. That is so cute! What great projects for him to work on. Love it!

  3. Wow! that sooo very artsy! :) I love it! Awww... that is so sweet of teaching your kid to be creative. :3

    Jewel Clicks

  4. That's a cute subscription box for kids to explore different mediums!

  5. Ooh that's cool, being creative and learning a few things :]

  6. just found your blog from the Kohls giveaway - how have I not seen your blog before? totally digging the name of it :) excited to be following along now, especially if you post sweet crafts like this often...I have a little one and we'll be doing lots of stuff this fall and winter so I need all the ideas I can get! Come say hi if you get a chance. I love making new blogging buddies :)

  7. OH MY! I would have gone mad for this when I was a kid! We used to get given mystery bags to take home from school, and they would have different themed educational toys in them, but I just loved not knowing what was inside! THIS IS COOL AND CUTE AND I LIKE IT!

    Tora || www.torabaker.co.uk

  8. What an awesome gift that would make, thanks for the info :)


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