the d'orsay.

i'm baaack!
my computer is finally up and running, but my problems are far from over. i've just discovered a new issue...this time with my camera. seems overnight, my auto focus stopped working. this certainly poses a problem for a self-photographing blogger!
after three years, maybe it's time for a camera upgrade.

these are the shoes from my latest haul video paired with a chambray and black coated denims. i went hands free by adding the shoulder strap to my JustFab mini icon bag for a casual day of running around at work. after several hours on my feet, these shoes proved to be quite comfortable.

i was tempted to grab a bag of chocolate chip cookies, but opted for a bag of snap peas. i may or may not have regretted this.
(persun shoes (buy); JustFab bag c/o; pacsun denim,
ON chambray; ray-ban sunglasses)

here's a few to try:

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  1. Oh no! I hope all the technical issues get resolved! The most challenging part of the blog can be just getting the photos!
    xoxo-Kate Styled Pretty

  2. Super cute heels.

  3. Black denim and chambray is my favorite go to outfit! And I love the shoes with it! I never would have thought to pair them.

  4. Welcome back! I never knew the name of that shoe style.. thanks for the trivia!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Oh no!!!! Well Mercury is in retrograde right now . . . Sorry Rebecca! I love your trousers though and I am glad that your computer is up and running!

  6. You look gorgeous and I adore that black bag! Not sure which camera you have been using but the Nikon D3100 is great!



  7. love this look and those shoes are faaaabulous!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. You look great and I love the purse. Good luck finding a new camera.

  9. No good news about your camera. But you do look really nice with your outfit and bag. Lets your hands free to look at camera's. The heels are sexy but I cant wear heels to many medical problems. You rock girl

  10. these shoes are incredible! It's tha the heel is not that high but they still look so gorgeous! Your black-denim-combination is such a perfect fit for this.


  11. Nice shoes! I think I saw them in the video from your previous post.

    Sun and Sand

  12. So sorry to hear about the tech problems, hopefully you can get your camera sorted! I love the style of those heels so much though! xx/Madison

  13. Yay for a fixed computer!
    Love the shoes and the cross body Beck. So cute!

  14. These shoes are great, and I love that bag!

  15. The shoes are gorgeous! And I love your outfit and your photos!

  16. Yay! Your computer is working! Cute outfit, love your heels! ❤


  17. I really want to buy those heels; I just don't want to spend the money on them.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  18. Love this look. So cute. And those heels are so cute!

  19. gosh becks, when it rains it pours girl! glad you got your computer straight. sorry to hear about your camera. it will all work out. those shoes look great with your outfit. love them!

  20. Ooooh! So that's what it's called! LOL And I love theat Just Fab bag!

    Jan Loves

  21. I love everything about this look! and now I may need those heels too ;) Glad to hear you are back up and running, sad to hear you may need a new camera ;( I am like a lost puppy when mine is in for repairs! lol

  22. love those shoes! i'm so sorry about your camera :( hope you'll wake up tomorrow & it decides to autofocus again.



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