it's snowing.

just kidding. it's only rain.
i used to be obsessed with victoria's secret's pink line. can't tell you how many pairs of sweatpants and hoodies i own. i loved getting the catalogs in the mail, browsing them, wanting everything i saw. then they opened a store here, and it kind of lost its appeal. you know, wanting what you can't have. or maybe my lifestyle changed...i acquired responsibilities and realized i couldn't live in track suits, haha.
in any case, i still love the stuff and pop into the store every once in a while. but instead of buying lounge wear, i opt for sporty pieces that can double up as casual weekend wear or workout clothes...like this super thin and comfy tee.

on another note, i finally watched my very first episode of gossip girl. i'm not sure why it never appealed to me before, but it's been popping up on my netflix queue recently. i got thru a few episodes last night and think it's something i could definitely get into.

is there anyone else out there who has not seen the show?!

(pink shirt; guess denim; enzo angiolini shoes; harvey bag)

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  1. So sporty yet so girly! This would be great to wear to a sporting event when you want to get into the spirit but not look like a tom boy lol


  2. OMG I totally started watching GG last year while my husband was deployed and I LOVED it. It'll be a fun guilty pleasure. I've never been much into VS, but this tee is really cute and perfectly versatile!

  3. ya, i kind of love gossip girl, if not just to drool over the clothes (and the boys ;) also love this casual look with the perfect pop of red heels
    xo jac

  4. Very cute top! I use to love their jogging suits! LOL I haven't ordered from them in a very long time.

  5. I was into the show for a while, and then I lost interest.

    I haven't purchased anything from Victoria's Secret in a long time, but I recently found myself bookmarking a few things on the website.


  6. Haha awh it sucks it only rains there.. I loveee snow lol!! And u look so fab xx

  7. omg how could you have JUST started on GG? I was so obsessed with the show (and headbands) a few years back haha.. enjoy watching all the seasons! I can't wait for Carrie Diaries to start showing here!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. I haven't seen gossip girl either!! I should definitely start watching it when I get some down time though
    Love this sporty tee, such a perfect casual look!!

  9. Love this look! It looks comfortable and chic at the same time!
    I have watched Gossip Girl too and love Blair but after a couple of seasons the drama was just too much for me... I got tired of it and Serena really went on my nerves.


  10. Fantastic outfit! Love your top and your heels!

  11. Yep, me! I have no time for shows, but I know many people that watch this one!

    Sun and Sany

  12. I am like you. I love popping in there occasionally to pick up a couple sporty pieces for casual wear.

    Gossip Girl was one of my favorite shows. I love Blair and Chuck and of course all of the clothes.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. You're so cute.
    LOVE this. The outfit is pretty sweet too.

  14. Loving this look, great combination and amazing heels!
    Much love and kisses from Miami,

  15. Love black, red + white together. Such a standout color combo!
    The Marcy Stop

  16. OMG such a great sport-luxe look! I love it that you have worn such a sporty top with those chic stilettos!

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  17. um, you make pink look so cute and dressed up. i do love my pink sweats, they're my faves. they're comfy and cute. i do love ordering victoria secret stuff online too. i especially love their bathing suits!


  18. I tried watching GG, but just couldn't get into it. OMG VS's Pink is totally a throwback to high school! haha! I didn't even realize you were wearing it until I read the post!

  19. Haha, snow in Hawaii… that would be something! =) I watched GG for a while, but I haven't seen the few more recent seasons. But I did like watching The Carrie Diaries last year! I hope that one comes back. It was fun and cute and had lots of fashion in it!

  20. i love GG, the first couple of seasons are my fave. good music then too. then i quit watching, irl and via netflix. happens everytime i rewatch the show.

  21. Great outfit! I love it:)


  22. Love the outfit. I am from the south so it doesn't snow very much here. When it does we like to play and enjoy the time off from work!!!

  23. i love VS Pink! i love how you dressed up the sweatshirt! cute!!

  24. Love the entire ensemble! The color combo is just perfect!


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