an [oomph] review. Firmoo sunglasses.

spring and summer are around the corner...time to upgrade those sunglasses! i know many of you are experiencing some extreme winter conditions, and i'm virtually sending you some warm vibes from hawaii. meanwhile, cozy up in a warm blanket, and get online. Firmoo, the world's most popular online eyeglass store has a huge assortment of eyeglasses to choose from. every pair on the site can be prescription or non-prescription and tinted for sunglasses...and those are just a few of the many options available.

i love aviators, but my current pair is gold. i've been wanting one with a silver frame, so i searched Firmoo for silver + aviator and was directed to this pair. i was a little hesitant about the shape of this one, so i decided to 'try it on' by uploading my photo to the site. their virtual try-on system is a great tool that provides a realistic picture of what the glasses will look like on you. i was satisfied with what i saw, so i ordered them with a 60% tint.

my first experience with Firmoo was flawless,
so i did have some expectations this time around.
a few minor things:
1) my glasses took much longer to arrive,
although it was ordered during the busy holiday season.
2) i wish they had a visual chart showing the different tints;
i had to guess at the percentages. although i'm happy with
what i got, i would have liked a darker tint.
3) the glasses are too big (temple length). my fault,
i didn't pay attention to the measurements.  

if you are hesitant to order glasses online, check out
Firmoo's First Pair Free program. you can try a pair of [selected] glasses risk free.
already got your first pair? use code: rockoomphblogs4 
to get $30 off your next classic series pair.

even mini-he liked the sunglasses!
(Firmoo #FM09 aviator / silver / 60% tint)

have you purchased glasses from Firmoo?
tell me about your experience.

in case you missed it:

*i received one pair of glasses for the purpose of this review. opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Your mini-me looks absolutely adorable wearing that pair <3 Love them! xx

  2. These glasses look so cool! I guess getting the wrong colour or measurements will always be the risk of online purchases.


  3. You two are really rocking those glasses! Cool!

  4. the glasses look great on you but that sucks that they are a little big. i'm always bad with measuring for those sorts of things too!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. The glasses look great...I have never ordered from that site...

  6. It's nice and I think the tint is perfect!

  7. they look so good! your son is just too cute.

  8. lovely shades and really cute shots! you look really nice in them :)

    Check out my outfit post featuring Zara shirt and winter layers :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  9. I think they look really nice on you! Great review!

  10. the glasses look great on you seems love those sunglasses

  11. Indeed It looks really great on You

  12. Never heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing! I am opposite from you--I've had silver aviators for the longest time and could use a gold pair (though saying that makes my husband roll his eyes, haha).


    1. you should check it out...it's affordable and quality is great.

  13. Firmoo is great. The service is fast and the shipping was also speedy! Your son looks so cute!

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  14. Those glasses look great on you. I have a major love of aviators too.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  15. they are so pretty!

  16. I have to admit that you look really good with that Firmoo glasses. Firmoo sent me also an offer for a cooperation but I´m still not able to decide if I should really say yes ;)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  17. Wow, you worked those glasses! :) I would never think that anybody can pull that off! *thumbs up*

  18. Firmoo used to be better than they are now. I was not impressed with the last pair I got, I checked the measurements for the lens width and they were bigger than the pair I was sent. Plus the lenses aren't very well made. The sunglasses look cute though :)

  19. Those look very smooth :-) Good to know about the measurements and the discounts.

  20. Very posh and sleek, I like it.

  21. Wow...LOVE these glasses! Thank you so much. I need a good pair of sunglasses, I keep buying these cheap ones....and they break! DUH! haha Again, thanks for the info!


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