marathon chronicles 02. third time's a charm.

who knew it would be so hard to find running shoes?
i remember it being as simple as picking out a pair of nike cross-trainers that looked decent, trying them on, and purchasing. the end. and those shoes were worn until a toe or heel literally touched ground.

now that my shoes need to serve a specific purpose, long distance running, there's a lot more to consider. proper fit, support, and cushioning, while look and cost become secondary.

after reading a lot of running blogs and related fitness websites, i came to the conclusion that i needed a shoe with enough cushioning for a 26 mile run, obviously, and it probably wasn't going to be a nike. after all, many runners were sporting asics and brooks.

after several unsuccessful trips to big-box sporting-goods stores, i decided it was time to visit a specialty running store. it was running shoe heaven! walls of shoes and different brands to choose from. 

after having my feet, walk, and current shoes analyzed (by several salespeople at this point), i was clearly a neutral/normal pronator. 

images: random google search

still, i wasn't convinced that minimalist nike shoes would be enough support and cushion for longer distances. so i asked for more cushion and support, and here were the shoes that came home (and went back). but first, here's my current shoe:

nike air pegasus 28
size: 6
love these shoes! they are so comfortable and fit like a glove. had them for two years, ran two 8-mile races and a few 5k races with no issues.

#1) Mizuno Wave Rider 17, $114
size: 6.5
issue: i wanted to love this shoe, but it was a little too firm for my liking, hot spot (rubbing) across the top of my toes

#2) Asics GT2000, $109
size: 6.5
issue: great cushioning and snug fit, too much arch support for my neutral foot

#3) New Balance 890v4, $100
size: 7.5
third time's a charm! slightly roomy in the toe box, but fine with thicker socks. closest fit to the nike. i completed a couple runs in these shoes and have no issues yet. 

#3a) Nike Air Pegasus 30, $100
size: 7, narrow
these would have been #3, but the normal-width size 7 was too roomy in the toe box...so i went with the new balance 890v4. i later found these shoes online in narrow-width, so i purchased them. the narrow width fits perfectly. i completed two runs in these shoes with no issues.

what i learned?
  • buy your first pair from a running shoe store. they will analyze your feet and help you find the right shoe. bring your current shoes and socks with you.
  • try on as many pairs as you can.
  • don't be swayed by reviews; everyone's feet are different.
  • when you find a brand/style that works for you, stick with it. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." i was stubborn thinking that i needed more support when the nikes were just fine for me.
  • don't assume your feet/shoes are the same size as before. shoe sizing is not always consistent; i went from a nike size 6 to a new balance size 7.5. even within a brand, i am now a size 7 in the nike air pegasus.

in case you like any of the above:

what is your current running shoe?
are you loyal to a particular brand?


  1. I'm training for a 5k. That I will be doing next month. I did the brown paper test to see what my foot was.

    good luck in your training.

  2. I should get a new and comfy pair of running shoes. Thanks for those tips. The NIKEs look so sweet but the most important is the shoes to be comfortable indeed.


  3. i always wear asics. in fact, after i ran a marathon, i still wore the same pair for about a year and they were still in great condition!

  4. Great tips!! I hear new balance sneakers are great but I have never tired them. Love those Nike's!! Love the pink and blue together.

    Best, Mree

  5. Good for you running a marathon! I'm training for my second half marathon and can't imagine running 26.2! You are a much stronger woman than I am!

  6. I wish I could run a marathon. I'll be cheering you on. I am a Nike fan (after all, I live in Oregon), but they don't fit my feet that well. I do well/better in Saucony shoes.

  7. Thank you for this in depth overview of running shoes and how to choose the right ones. I am glad you found the perfect shoes.

  8. i love the pink and blue sneakers

  9. I loved reading this! I have the Nike Pegasus's too and I love them to death - they are black, pink and gold and I've had them for a very long time. When it came round to about time to buy a new shoes as the inner cushioning started wearing out, I opted to try a more 'professional' running brand. I went with New Balance. They were not for me.
    Nike Pegasus were shoes for those with high arc, when I went the second time to buy new shoes they said I had low arc - having bought the NB which are for low arc, they were horrible and I am back to the Pegasus even if they have a hole in them, I can't bare to let them go!
    Your advice is right - I should stick to Nike. Do you think the Nike Free's are similar to the Pegasus?!

    Sorry for the long comment but I am so excited to find someone that loves the Pegasus as much as I do!


    1. i've haven't tried the Frees, but it's the lightest and most flexible nike running shoe that has a "barefoot" feel, while the pegasus has a bit more cushioning. either would work for you since they are both neutral shoes, just depends your preference for cushioning. i think they would be perfectly fine as a general cross-training shoe!

      i do love my pegasus, too! aren't they wonderful!

  10. same here Nike Pegasus are my love and perfect fit
    I loved reading your tips though as my fave pair seam to become too old which is not what is normal for running so I'd need a new pair to workout.

    Inside and Outside Blog

  11. I ran marathons when I was younger and finding a great pair of running shoes can be really hard. My ankles tend to roll out so I always have to try on tons of shoes to find a pair that fits my feet right!

  12. i always stick to nikes. i tried reebok once and didnt like them for running. i hear asics are really good, but i have never tried them. maybe i will give it a go!

  13. I've really got to try New Balance. I've heard nothing but great things about them.

  14. Great post. I remember when I was going to train for my first marathon I went to a running store too and it was so many factors to look at. I ended up with asics and they are still my go to shoe if I ever decide to run again but I do not like running. It is so important to find a shoe you are comfortable with and that will carrry you out. I only went as far as a 16 mile before I fractured my ankle and my Arthritis Dr said he does not recommend long distance running.
    I do remember the amazing feeling though when I finished a long run in the morning. Looking forward to reading your experience.

  15. My running shoes are ready to be replaced. I usually get pretty attached to certain things that work and these have worked so well for years. Thanks for the tips, those Nike Air Pegasus look like they might be a good replacement, time to head to the runner's store.


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