weekend in pics.

hope everyone enjoyed their memorial day weekend. by the looks of these pictures, you'd think we had beautiful weather, but it was stormy for most of the weekend. we did have some brief moments of nice weather, and we took full advantage of it.

how did you spend the long weekend?

movies and drinks. we saw the movie the other woman...it was fricken hilarious. the storyline was somewhat cliche and predictable, but still funny as heck. plus, i just love cameron diaz.
brought flowers to our loved ones on memorial day. so lush and green, but look at that cloud cover!
this gelato place, via gelato, replaced my beloved cafe where i used to get my coffee every saturday morning. mini-she wanted to treat me to birthday gelato, so we made our first visit.
the good: yummy, homemade, different flavors daily, generous servings (we both got keiki (kids) sizes, $3.50 ea. and couldn't finish it).
the bad: owner was on the phone discussing her orders. not a huge deal, but take it to the office, close the door...we don't need to hear about it while trying to enjoy your delicious gelato. 
coffee in a waffle cone, cookies & cream in a cup.
finally checked Giovanni's off my list. everyone raves about this shrimp truck, so i had to try it. i don't get excited about shrimp, but when i do, it's usually battered and fried...so this boiled shrimp with lemon and butter was just ok for me. heard the scampi is the way to go.
the sun was blazing for about an hour. it started to drizzle, so we packed up. by the time we got to the car, it was pouring rain!
another food truck serving hot dogs + my favorite shave ice from the general store.

evidence of our stormy weekend.
(Patty's Closet swimsuit & romper (808-625-6440 to buy);
9th & Elm monogram necklace)

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  2. what a beautiful beach! gelato would be perfect for the weather over here.. getting pretty warm!! this post made me really excited for summer. I am pretty lazy about changing watch batteries too, but worth it! haha

  3. lovely romper and the weekend looks like it was amazing despite the weather!

    cute & little

  4. Fabulous snap shots! Sounds like a good day out and you look so carefree and gorgeous in that green!

  5. jealous of your weekend pics! lol i use to hang out at kahala chili's when i use to work at kahala mall every night lol! and omgosh i always see pictures of my friends w/ their via gelato gelato on fb i wanna try it so bad they always seem to have the most awesome and unusual flavors! CUTE ROMPER HON!!


  6. glad you had a good weekend even tho it rained

  7. I want your weekend! That is all. Oh, no it's not. Your swimsuit too. xox

  8. What a fun weekend and that romper is too cute.

  9. I saw the Other Woman too and really liked it, and I'm not usually a fan of that genre of film. That gelato looks delish!

  10. The gelato looks great, I agree about the owner on the phone, that would be annoying. Sounds like it was a great long weekend :)

  11. oooh that shaved ice treat looked so good! love gelato! mmm shrimp! HAHAHA becks you had an amazing time. you look great girl!


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