a week of summer essentials. what's in my beach bag.

to round off this summer essentials series, here's a look at what's in my beach bag. i make it a mission to travel as light as possible since i'm usually the one carrying the bag. when it's hot (and the kids are cranky), the last thing i need is a heavy bag. so these are my stripped down essentials for a normal trip to the beach.

i bought this UV umbrella years ago after mini-he was born as an added "layer" of protection. i kept it in the car, and it gave me confidence knowing that we'd be protected wherever we went...in case we forgot sunscreen or stayed out longer than expected. there was a special at the time, so i bought one for my mom and sisters; we all love it. this UV umbrella always makes it in the beach bag.

a casual fedora or baseball cap is always in the bag. at the very least, it's great for taming salty post-beach tresses, but it's also great protection for your face, hair, and scalp. can't tell you how many times i've come home after a day at the beach with a sunburned scalp. 

i never leave the house without my ice-water-filled bottle. it's important to stay hydrated, and this bottle keeps drinks cold even under the blazing sun.

snacks are not a high priority because "getting a snack" is sometimes the only way to get the minis to leave the beach! but most times i end up packing them anyway. easy to eat nuts & trail mixes and pretzels survive the heat, and fruits are refreshing. cuties are perfect because they require no cutting and are 'individually' wrapped.

forget the thick, fancy, designer towels! while i do have them, they almost never make it in the bag. do you know how heavy three wet beach towels are?! i always grab a stack of our inexpensive towels which usually are smaller and thinner. they dry easily between swims and are more practical (size-wise) for kids.

i know plastic bags aren't good for the environment, but we all have them, and they are useful. i always throw one in the bag for the wet stuff...towels, rash guards, etc.

sunscreen is a given. i always have at least two
bottles in the bag.

i always throw in a book to read just in case.

sunglasses are a given. i always throw in a few pairs, including cheap ones that i don't mind getting wet or lost.

in case you missed it:
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and since i haven't give you much fashion recently, here's zendaya in her FLAUNT magazine spread rocking fashionable labels such as j. brand, dior, louis vuitton, miu miu, and fausto puglisi.

see the full feature and interview at FLAUNT.com.


  1. Cute beach bag and the contents of mine are pretty much the same as yours....but my snacks are numerous and way less healthy, lol.

  2. I do the same thing with the plastic bags.

  3. Having a small umbrella is a great idea!

  4. I need a uv protected umbrella! Nice items beck!

  5. I totally need that umbrella and water bottle. Thanks for posting about them both.

    Best, Mree

  6. Your bag contains a lot - just like mine ;)

  7. Good ingredients for a fun Summer day.

  8. Hi! I'm from Barcelona and I had never seen this type of umbrella to block uv rays. It looks great and light (even stylish!) perfect!


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