an [oomph] review. Printcopia.

[i was provided with one canvas print for review purposes; excitement, gushing, and opinions are 100% mine.]

blogger or not, this is the age of technology and photo documentation. am i right? we take pictures of everything...our cute kids, the funny things our pets do, what we're wearing, what someone else is wearing, what we're eating, what we bought, what we want to buy, places we visit, sunsets and clouds, the ocean...
our social media feeds are invaluable; they contain memories, captured moments in time.

even after digital cameras hit the market, i still printed out my photos and compiled photo albums. i mean, why keep all these great memories in a file on your computer or phone never to be seen again?

Printcopia transforms your photos into beautiful pieces of art. with options like basic photo prints, acrylic prints, framed prints, panoramic prints, and canvas prints like this one, the possibilities are endless.

first off, i love Printcopia's website. it's clean, fun, and inviting. did i mention inspirational? you can upload photos from your photo albums or, my favorite, directly from your instagram or facebook feed. because let's be honest, some of our best captures are on instagram!

ordering is simple. the hardest part was choosing a photo!
i chose a 12" x 12" canvas for my instagram print.

i love how my canvas print turned out. the colors are so vibrant and the print came out nice and crisp. i just wanna eat that sushi, haha. i chose this photo, because it reminds me of our summers. on this particular day, i picked up sushi for dinner and met the kids at the beach after work.

right now, you can get 25% off canvas prints and wall decals PLUS free shipping. not gonna lie, shipping can get up there, so definitely take advantage of the free shipping.

and here it is on the wall of my walk-in.

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  1. That's an awesome service Becks! It's a great way of preserving memories.

  2. love the picture that you chose to make in to a canvas

  3. That is great, so many benefits.

  4. that is sooo cool! and yeah I agree, its hard to choose what photos to print out. Im going to start to do something like this if I have time for DIY. :D


  5. I like canvas too. I have a few prints on canvas for family photos. Printopia sounds very cool. Will definitely remember it. By the way, is that your accessories board? I want it! :O)

    1. yes - it's where i hang most of my necklaces :)

  6. That's so cool! Such an awesome way to get super unique decorations for a room :)

    1. yes, it's definitely personal....no one else will have the same!

  7. So fab!! Totally going to check them out. Thanks for posting about them.

  8. That is such a brilliant idea, already checking out the website. Really like the canvas.


  9. that turned out really good!! love!

  10. that is such a cool idea! my friend actually got me a birthday present that is similar in a way- using instagram pics to make printed marshmallows haha. the sushi roll looks yumm!

  11. I think that this is super cute, except I have a feeling that none of my instagram photos are canvas worthy!


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