endless jewelry with Rocksbox.

as i sit here looking up a my jewelry board, i'm reminded of all the necklaces i once loved but simply outgrew. i'm reminded of money spent on jewelry i liked but didn't love

if this sounds familiar to you, i'm about to introduce you to the best $19 you'll possibly spend every month. $19 a month with Rocksbox gets you access to unlimited designer jewelry. after taking a style survey, you'll receive a Rocksbox with three designer pieces to try before you buy. wear them as long as you like or return them as often as you like for a new set of three. if there's something you can't live without, simply keep it, return the rest, and you'll be billed a discounted price for being a Rocksbox Shine Insider! 

in addition, you'll also get a monthly $10 Shine credit that you can use toward the purchase of items you wish to keep. score!

if you are interested in building up your jewelry collection with quality pieces, Rocksbox is a great way to try out different styles from established and emerging designers, then purchase the pieces you truly love.

if you're the non-committal type and just love having new jewelry to wear, Rocksbox gives you access to an endless rotating jewelry closet. your friends will be envious of all your "new" goodies.

visit Rocksbox and enter code: rockoomphxoxo to get your first month FREE.

wearing the perry street maddie crystal necklace
from my first Rocksbox.
in my style profile, i asked for a mix of statement and delicate pieces. loved the mix i received.
(abercrombie sweater; patty's closet skirt)


  1. stunning necklace


  2. $19 is definitely affordable and I'm really impressed with the mix you received. That gorgeous necklace alone is worth more than $19!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Whata cool idea! I have so many necklaces and I can't seem to part with any of them even though I rarely wear them all!!

  4. So pretty !! beautiful accessories !!



  5. That's a really nice service Becks and I love that necklace.

  6. Such pretty Jewelry. I like your grey and eggplant combo.

  7. I absolutely love this outfit! The color of the skirt with the sweater and the accessories is something I would wear.

  8. argh! i think it ate my comment. love RB!


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