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quick story...for years, i have been wanting to have an ugly christmas sweater party. i think it's a fun way to show off individual personalities and a great way to celebrate the holidays without the pressure of having to dress up. while i haven't hosted that party yet, i'm always on the lookout for the perfect ugly christmas sweater.

enter the show Shark Tank. i rarely watch tv but happened to catch an episode at a friend's house in which two guys were pitching their line of ugly christmas sweaters and their company called Tipsy Elves. naturally i was intrigued and was totally rooting for them.

fast forward to now. imagine my excitement when Tipsy Elves reached out to inform me of their american flag products just in time for fourth of july. i was excited simply because i knew exactly who they were (and where to get my ugly christmas sweater!).

while Tipsy Elves started out with christmas sweaters, they have expanded to become your one-stop-shop for holiday apparel. i am loving my american flag sweater...i mean, it doesn't get any more patriotic than this! check out their website for more red, white, and blue clothing items and accessories.

keep up with Tipsy Elves: instagram | facebook | twitter

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  1. That's such a cool story! I love the show, too. I think ever since the movie Bridget Jones's diary, we all secretly want to have at least one ugly Christmas sweater. LOL.
    One thing though, this sweater is not ugly at all! It looks great on you. ;D

  2. so going to have to check this site for a new christmas sweater.


  3. Becks, I know I say this OVER and OVER again, but you my friend can ROCK EVERYTHING! You have this "coolness factor" First of all, it's a gorgeous sweater! It's grown up for 4th of July! Love your red heels. This is such a great look and I LOVE the photo you posted on Instagram! It is so cool that you heard about them on the tv show and they contacted you. Small small world! They should commission you as a model! You rock it better than her!


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