fall neutrals.

my friendship swap bag included a couple of long cardigans which are perfect for fall. this grey open-style cardigan was one of them. you can't go wrong with a neutral palette and, of course, a pop of color with bright pink lips from laqa & co. and this burgundy clutch from love & sunshine.

this was a weekend of exercise, nature, and food. we conquered two hikes (caught the sunrise from diamond head and the sunset from aiea) and i tried a new restaurant. love full weekends like these.

what's your ideal weekend?
do you like neutral for fall or bright colors?

saturday's sunrise hike to the top of diamond head crater. 
bills sydney in waikiki. there's a cafe ground floor on the right (not pictured) and main restaurant upstairs. i think it's a little pricey for breakfast, but it hit the spot.
much needed first cup of coffee post-hike...very heavy and thick, but good! ($3.50)
interior. simple but grand with the high ceilings. love the woodsy outback vibe. 
one of their specialties, the ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter ($15). very yum. seafood kim chee fried rice in the background ($16). tasty but salty. probably wouldn't order that again. also ordered lemonade ($5). parking $6 + tip = $50+ breakfast.
sunday's sunset hike at aiea loop trail.
carnitas tacos after the sunset hike (plus a watermelon cooler and molten lava cake!)
(banana republic cardigan via friendship swap; paige denim,

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  1. What a wonderfully cozy looking cardigan!

  2. That's a great cardigan and outfit! I can't stop thinking about tacos now ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. great swap bag! i love that cardigan becks! those pancakes and tacos look SO GOOD!

  4. very chic outfit. Those pancake looks awesome.


  5. Glad you had a great weekend! I especially your cardigan and clutch!


  6. oh my goodness the pancakes!! my ideal weekend would include exercise and a lot of reading but it never happens.. haha

  7. that cardigan looks like it was made for you! ;) I'm really looking forward to the weekend... hope to check out a new cafe or 2 as well.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  8. yum all of those meals look so amazing! though yeah, $50 is a bit pricey for breakfast!

  9. Oh wow I didn't know there was a Bills restaurant outside of Sydney, haha! We always go there for breakfast when we are in Sydney, the food is great!

    Away From The Blue Blog

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