hello longer legs.

ok, we're all guilty of this...right?
tiptoeing to lengthen our legs? or tiptoeing just to look taller than our friends in that reunion picture? i mean, let's be real. i love wearing heels, but sometimes i have to give my legs a break. but when i do [wear flats], i can't help but feel short and stocky...so i tiptoe. a few guilty photos below.

check out this product i recently discovered. it's called invisible heels. just pop these inserts into your shoes, and you've instantly lengthened your body, lifted your butt, and slimmed your figure. no need to tiptoe.

are you guilty of tiptoeing?
have you tried shoe inserts before?

tiptoeing...guilty as charged.

three heights are available: 3/4", 1.5", 2"

oops, i did it again!
made of memory foam cushioning that's lightweight,
comfortable, and sturdy.

what? not again!

*this is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. Interesting. I didn't know women did this intentionally. I just thought it was a conventional pose. What you write makes sense though. Thanks for the lesson.

    1. i guess i can't speak for all, but i'm guilty!

    2. Raises hand!!! I didn't realize how much I tip-toed during a photo op, LOL. Love this post!

  2. I've never heard or tried these before. I am tall, but I wouldn't mind being a bit taller with longer legs, haha. :)
    Resort Shopping

    1. yeah, it's more about lengthening the legs for me...not so much getting more height. i like the look of the legs when wearing heels.

  3. What a genius way to market lifts! I can't wear heels anymore because of my janky ankle so maybe I should look into getting a pair of these. I've never really thought that tip toeing made anyone look taller btw.

    1. agree...it's less about being taller for me, but more about visually lengthening the legs.

  4. As a short girl, I think I need these!

  5. nice!! its made of memory foam so it's gonna be super comfy, adding to wishlist!
    ps. love ur clutch!!
    Oreleona | BLISS de la Leona

  6. Wow I didn't even know there was an insole out like this. So going to have to give them a try.


  7. I totally need these. Are they comfy?


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