the ball's in your court.

niece's surprise birthday party today.  day before yesterday i was asked to pick up a cake.  sure, no problem!  yesterday morning i was informed that i was in charge of decorating the house. ok, no problem!  decided on a tennis theme and shopped most of yesterday for all the accoutrements. even came up with a fun idea for party favors...candy-filled tennis balls!  well, this great idea left me with the pain-staking task of sawing, slicing, poking, jabbing, and cutting open 20 balls, wiping the insides, and filling them with her favorite candies till wee morning hours.  almost lost a few fingers and came away with fists full of blisters...man those tennis balls are hard to cut!  today, arrived at the house to set up when i was asked to order the pizzas.  what?!  sure, no problem.  make a salad too?  ok, no problem.  i think the surprise was on me.


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