eat. pray. shop.

BAD: Cuff bracelets and huge rings...while power shopping on your lunch break.  Gets in the way of trying on, wasting valuable time!

GOOD: So many cute things to obsess over! 

My current (actually, ongoing) obsession...boots.  Illogical obsession for our warmer locale.  They usually end up decorating my closet, but this time it's ankle boots.  I've never pursued this trend before because they require just the right outfit and just the right ankles!  But, our so-called "winter" months are 'round the corner giving me the perfect opportunity to try them out.  So...while trying on a few things (ok, a lot of things) at Forever 21, there happened to be some boots in my size in the dressing room. Black, faux suede boots.  More like covered pumps, but it's a start and not a major committment at $30.  I pray that I can make these work, then I'll graduate to the actual boot.


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