who says they're for men + happy happy joy joy.

headlines today say: "Don't bother with the heels ladies, men don't even notice!"  i don't buy shoes thinking it will attract a man.  i don't buy shoes thinking it will improve my posture.  i buy shoes because they'll look amazing with my new dress.  because i feel good in them.  because i just want it!  most women wear shoes for other women...a kind of unspoken competition amongst us?  but just to make a point...today a consultant walked into our office and his first question was: "Are those new shoes?"

nothing like a pop of color to get you thru the mid-week blues.  found at some store in L.A., this sweater's bright yellow color, its asymmetry and the gathering at the derriere make it one of my favorite finds.  i usually wear it wrapped and tied over jeans or leggings, but today's warm weather commanded a much cooler combination.

(shorts, express; belt, urban outfitters; shoes, aldo; top, deep deep in my closet!)


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