nip and tuck.

when i first looked at this shirt (dislike the word tunic), the arm hole cuffs were crooked, them hem was uneven, and the front had this extra material...or so i thought? turns out the cuffs were purposely twisted, the hem was awesomely longer in the back, and there was a snap at the chest to create an eye-catching drape down the front. all the oomph-worthy details i look for...not to mention the cute chains hanging from the belt. worn here as a dress, but i can see this with leggings on a chilly evening. this is definitely a keeper.

(Demi Drapey Dress, available soon at oomph.)


  1. O i love this! I love how the back is longer then the front and I love the cuffs! It def. makes you look twice. Also love your booties!


  2. love this and you're right this is a great investment and you can wear it many ways


  3. thanks so much::)
    lovely dress



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