second chances.

a few months ago i finally "let go" of a bunch of clothes that i haven't worn in a while. now i'm kicking myself for throwing out the tweed jackets and sweaters i'm so longing for now. maybe that's the reason several more bags of clothing are encroaching on the walk-in area of my closet; i'm hanging on to them because i might want them...again. like this dress. the extra material on the sleeves hung off my shoulders creating a very boxy, square torso from behind. by simply hiking the sleeves up on my shoulders, like a tank dress, it looked slimming and more visually appealing. this dress just might make in back into rotation of wearable favorites, because everything deserves a second chance.

(dress, can't remember; boots, nine west)

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  1. Once I donated some stuff that I regret, now I keep almost everything...I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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