this long weekend was one of firsts and discoveries.
spent most of it poolside or at the beach,
or just hanging out at home.
i think i even picked up a germ or two as i'm feeling a cold coming on.
so, here's my weekend in photos.

oh, received a comment about the cape cods in my last post here. in case anyone else doesn't know what a cape cod is,
it's vodka + cranberry juice.

noticed that evvry branch of our orange tree is covered with webs.
so eerily cool.
(striped top, f21; shorts @ pacsun; purse, mulberry for target)
made my first slow cooked meal. picked an easy recipe to start;
pulled beef, peppers, and onions served in warm tortillas with mexican rice and black beans.
it was decent, but look forward to trying something else.
send any great recipes my way, please!
(top, local boutique; vintage necklace)
these tomatoes don't stand a chance. as soon as they turn red, my dog eats them.
shave ice with ice cream at our favorite north shore general store.
(tunic, sunny leigh)
i want to try this...anyone have a pair of shoes i can borrow?
attended my first turbo kick class. it was the longest hour ever. today, evvry muscle in my body is aching.


  1. That shaved ice/ ice cream thing looks AMAZING! I am also quite jealous of the whole beach thing. :) xoxo

  2. SHAVED ICE!! YUMMMM!! <3 can't wait for that.. will most def have that during my trip in april. yay!


  3. I really like the black lace tank. I absolutely adore lace :)


  4. Love your blog, pretty girl. Now following. Love these photos. So much inspiration.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
    Karoline Kalvo

  5. Wow. Looking at your pictures, I can't wait till I can jump into a pool.
    It's still cold here. :(

    I love that striped top of yours to bits!

  6. Oh I love your tripped top with those shorts! <3

  7. I just love love love what you are wearing in the third pic <3

  8. Always love your weekend in photos. The hubbs checks it out with me and always reminisces on his time on the island. :)

  9. Love these pictures, and your outfits are always so cute! I love the way you mixed the prints in the first picture, and that white dress is amazing! I love the boho vibe it gives off... thanks for sharing! :)

    VPV Intern

  10. great photos, I love the third photo the outfit is amazing :) Your so pretty !


  11. duuuude! i soo want a slow cooker! ive always wanted to make my own soup but what you made sounds soo yummy! i wish i could cook! i really suck at it!

  12. We love this post, and wow the web is cool to see!
    We lvoe both of your shirt is so nice!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  13. You look lovely in all these photos. I can almost smell and feel the summer. Supposed to do my first body building class this afternoon if the kids wake up from their naps on time. I am going to be sore for days i am sure as I haven't exercised in ages (years!).

  14. Love the polka dots and stripes! Also I love the shave ice in Hawaii, I miss it, it is so yummy! I also miss the lovely weather and beaches :)
    <3 Kastles


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