there was a period in which i was obsessed with leather cuffs. skinny, wide, studded, plain, embellished with rhinestones...didn't matter. something about a piece of leather wrapped around my wrists made me feel bad a$$.
this giveaway is for one leather "sustain" bracelet and one matching "sustain" belt* in distressed chocolate.
i'm also including one "noble" necklace...a black wood charm on a leather strap.
all pieces are from bauxo, my go to place for leather accessories.


as always, i appreciate all who follow, and i use my giveaways to get to know you better. simply be a follower here and leave a comment with the following:

1) growing up i wanted to be a veterinarian because i loved dogs. as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
2) what's your city (or state, or country) of residence
3) your email address

since i recently joined twitter, you can tweet this giveaway for an additional entry.
mention @rockoomph with a link to this post.
leave a separate comment if you do this.

ends friday, march 25th.

*belt size is s/m (32-36")


  1. Oooh Beks! I love this!
    When I was a child, I always wanted to be a news broadcaster--still do! My mom used to be one in the Philippines in the 80's.
    I currently live in Glendora, Ca. But my heart will always be in Pasadena, Ca!


  2. Thats some funky merchandise!

    Growing up I always wanted to be a movie star! (yes, its true). I'm doing an MBA in fashion now, but something about the whole acting-glamour thing really pulled me towards it as a child :)
    I live in New Delhi, India.



  3. Great giveaway!

    As a child growing up, I really wanted to be a doctor because then I can help all the wounded people get back in better shape.

    I live in San Francisco, California:)

    email: mimizhu55@hotmail.com


  4. These are gorgeous!

    I want to be a nurse cause my mum is one, and I always wanted to go with her to help ha!
    I live in Malta, a tiny tiny island in Europe.


    Bows and Pearls

  5. I'm following :)
    As a child I wanted to be a ballerina, shame, I didn't keep up the dancing :(
    I like in the UK.
    Great blog :)

  6. 1. growing up I wanted to be an archeologist. Lost worlds and their history just amaze me.
    2.Manila, Philippines

  7. Another fab giveaway!
    1.I always wanted to be a F1 driver when I was growing up!
    2.London, England
    Good lucck everyone xx

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  8. Lovely giveaway, I was at Bookmarc the other day and they had leather bracelets with latin sayings on them, so count me in :D
    1. Growing up I wanted to be a singer, but I'm kinda tonedeaf so that didnt happen LOL
    2. Queens, NY
    3. fashionableasians@gmail.com

  9. thanks for the giveaway!!

    1. i wanted to be a doctor, but then i realized i can't handle seeing exposed human tissue.
    2. Dallas, TX
    3. kileen[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. Oh yay! Giveaway time! :)

    1. I used to want to be a scientist when I was younger.
    2. Delhi, India.
    3. pithsala@gmail.com

    Have a good day!

  11. Lovely giveaway.
    As a child I wanted to be an ice skater. I used to love watching them on tv and thought it would be great to do that.
    I live in Yorkshire in the UK.

  12. I also tweeted about your giveaway.

  13. The leather cuff is amazing!! :] Great giveaway!
    1) growing up i wanted to be an archeologist!
    2) I live in the US
    3) lvldesgranges@yahoo.com

  14. Nice giveaway!
    1) As a child I wanted to be a detective :)
    2) I live in Portugal
    3) melminho@gmail.com

  15. Very cool Giveaway! I ♥ leather anything...and Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    I've always wanted to help people, and it seems to be in my nature--can't get away from it--so I've wanted to be a Social Worker for as long as I can remember. I live in Yucca Valley, CA and my email address is cassandra_salas@hotmail.com.

    Have fun with your giveaway!

  16. I looove your blog! :) Awesome giveaway!
    1) As a child, I wanted to become a lawyer.
    2) Oahu, HI
    3) mhebaru@gmail.com

  17. Is very nice!!!

    Nice week!

  18. When I was a child, I wanted to be none other than a teacher because I loved how my teachers taught and I wanted to be like that and make learning fun. Sounds so cliche haha but it' true.
    And I'm from a small place called South Carolina haha ;)

  19. love your blog!

    1) wanted to be a doctor, but didn't work out
    2) Los Angeles, CA
    3) TKL225@gmail.com

  20. i love your style, and your writing is entertaining - what a fun way to get to know your readers!
    i wanted to be a lawyer when i grew up... but that soon changed when i realized there were so many RULES! now i'm just waiting for the "growing up" to start :)
    i live in seattle, washington.

  21. 1) growing up i wanted to be a doctor
    2)Dallas, Tx, USA
    3) lioness06@gmail.com

    <333 ur blog! xcited about the giveaway :)

  22. cool piece! growing up i wanted to be a gymnast but was never able to do the splits and gave up. i live in LA - marina del rey. email: crystal@cryskay.com


  23. 1. When I was young I want to be a journalist. I was always curious about everything and loved to do interviews (I hope I can do that next year)!
    2. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherland (I know it's the otherside of the world, but we can give it a try:PLOL)
    3. Our e-mail is sistersandsisters2@hotmail.com


  24. i retweet it on Twitter under my own account Hazalfromsas Cana hasn't Twitter:)!

    Thanks for all your nice comment this weekend. We had a bussy week! Were is your newest post? Love to see your beautiful outfits!


  25. Cool!

    When I was young I want to be a stewardess. But my height did'nt permit.hahaha

    I'm from Asia particularly- Philippines


  26. Love that cuff! Cuffs are my favorites! Don't leave the house (usually) without one!
    - I wanted to be a Singer! I would sit for hours singing. Now I want to be Jennifer Lopez! hahhahahha
    - I live in the incredible town of San Dimas CA the land of Bill and Ted!
    - www.carriefabulous63@gmail.com
    Great Giveaway....this is so exciting!
    XO Carrie

  27. hey doll! count me in, leather cuffs are super hot......!!!!!

    ) growing up i wanted to be a pilot!
    2) San Jose, CA
    3) allergictovanilla@gmail.com
    xo Carlina

  28. i miss commenting on your blog! but now that the heavy work at school is done, im back! :) anyway,

    1) i've always wanted to be a successful business woman. LOL
    2) I live in Surrey, BC Canada
    3) janellea21@gmail.com


  29. Those are so cool!!
    1) An egyptologist, I loove anything to do with ancient egypt
    2) St.Albert, Alberta, Canada
    3) jsdonova@ualberta.ca

  30. Love these items. Very cool.
    I am a follower.
    1) I can't remember what I wanted to be when I was really young bug I know starting with middle school I wanted do something that involved ths stock market. Hence, I studied Economics in college.
    2) San Diego, CA in USA
    3) kuladaphne@yahoo.com

  31. I twitted about your giveaway as well.

  32. 1. Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to heal people.
    2. Vancouver, BC
    3. cicychan@hotmail.com

  33. Oooh, fun! I'm a follower! When I was little I wanted to be a vet too because I love animals and I also wanted to be a fashion designer. I'm in Georgia and my email is jrspry1@msn.com

  34. What a great giveaway! I'm a follower! I wanted to be a vet too (most of my life)!! but then in High School I interviewed one and she said she went to college/grad school for 9 years and is still in school. I asked if she had a family and she laughed and said, no time. I changed my mind right there and then! lol
    I live in a suburb of Chicago.

  35. 1. Growing up I wanted to be a scientist =)
    2. Wall, NJ, USA
    3. emmabasilone@gmail.com

    <3 your blog & give-a-way


  36. 1. I wanted to be a miner. It's odd, I know.
    2. Chicago, IL USA
    3. adventuregoers@gmail.com

  37. that necklace is soo cool!!
    1. as a typical asian, i wanted to be a docter
    2. NJ, USA
    3. kkpm50@yahoo.com


  38. Such a fantastic give-away! I love that bracelet :)

    1. As a child, I wanted to be a writer. I used to write little stories for my family, bind them with yarn, and give them away as gifts. Because they were THAT GOOD, of course ;)
    2. Atlanta, GA
    3. laundryisnotahobby@gmail.com

    This Life, Redefined…stop by and say hi!

  39. Ohh, so pretty!

    1.) I wanted to grow up & be a mom. & I did!
    2.) I live in Austin, TX, but you know that. :)
    3.) heidimomeidi@gmail.com

  40. I could have sworn I already entered this! Here it is again...
    I wanted to be a singer. Not until later did I realize my voice was not quite fit.

    I live in Los Angeles, CA and my email is neekoh at livelovela dot net

  41. Growing up I wanted to be a Actress and a Astronut. Both are things thats still interest me but they are thing I could see myself fdoing and being happy.
    I live in Ohio, in the States.

  42. 1. growing up I wanted to become a therapist. the sound of sitting down and just talking seemed like a lot of fun.
    2. San Francisco, CA
    3. justbettertogetheratgmaildotcom

    Thanks :)
    Just Better Together
    come check out my giveaway

  43. I love leather accessories!
    1. I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up.
    2. I live near Toronto, ON, Canada
    3. leahvdk@hotmail.com

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    xo L.

  44. when i was younger i think i wanted to become a dentist because my dentist was so nice!!


  45. I wanted to be a singer! (Now I live in Los Angeles and I'm an actress...close enough I guess! LOL)


  46. I'm late in doing so... but here I am entering the giveaway!

    As a child, I wanted to be a librarian. (and I grew up to be a librarian!) I live up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Land of beavers and moose and maple syrup! And way too much snow.

    camoflage31 AT hotmail DOT com

  47. I don't know what is taking me so long to enter for this badass giveaway, but here goes:

    As a child I wanted to be a rock star. Cliche, I know, but I got it out of my system a bit when I sang in a band a few years back. I grew up in Kansas City, MO, and you may contact me for my winnings at merciblahblah at gmail dot com.



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