skimping on time + a savage beauty.

just another dress i scored from my sister.
after wearing it once, she decided it wasn't the right color for her. i thought it looked great on her, but who am i to argue with my big sister?!

taking outfit photos has become quite a challenge recently.
two new tenants moved into the building across from ours, so the open parking lot in the back of my office is now filled with cars (making it an unpleasant backdrop), not to mention the people coming and going.
if we are not running late, mini-she will snap a few pictures before she goes to school. on this day, she gave me about 45 seconds of her time resulting in only six shots. obviously only two were decent, and neither was a full-length.
i was wearing these shoes.

(dress, michael michael kors, (similar); shoes, marc fisher (similar))

in a giveaway hosted by terri at rags against the machine.
i've never splurged on a fashion book before,
so i was ecstatic to receive this.
sometimes we take fashion for granted, just loving things for what we see on the surface...but it was a real eye opener to read about the designer's life, the inspiration behind each collection, and his view of women and their bodies.
it's a beautiful book with eye candy on every page.
here's a few peeks, but you'll have to get your own to
see the rest!

(alexander mcqueen: savage beauty, available at here.)


  1. So know the challanges of taking shots and when they are rushed how they never come out good. When the work parking lot was open did you have a friend take the shots?
    I was wondering how I would do my photo shoots once I started working.
    Great dress by the way. Love the color and the print.

  2. Cool book! This is a cool dress with the snakeskin! I hear snakeskin is a hot fall trend.

    Mini She did a great job being photographer! Miss M my six year old is sometimes my photographer, it can be a train wreck sometimes :-)

  3. "There's blood beneath every layer of skin" is very striking. wow.

    and how cute for your kid to take your photos! hehe


  4. This looks like a great book and I love this dress on you! Python print is haute for fall...just like those bow front blouses ;)

  5. I love the pattern of your dress. I'll have to check that Mcqueen book out, I loved his designs.

  6. I love that patterned dress! It's gorgeous. Despite being rushed, your mini she did a great job. (She needs to guest post for you again soon!) I hope you get picture taking figured out soon. It sucks when you can't find a spot . . . or you break your camera! lol Have a great day!!

  7. how cool is that! terri is great!

  8. great dress,looks gorgeous on you, snake prints are so in this season, you're so lucky that you score a free one:))

  9. I love the dress.. Thanks for stopping by. I am now following you back. Have a great rest of the week.

  10. You are right! no arguing about that dress, you look great in it.... I am a huge fan of animal print so I an adoring the dress.
    So sweet that your mini did a great job, sometimes I take 30 and can only use 2 :) so sweet that she does that for you.
    I love the shots from the book. It looks so interesting, the imagery is awesome, I think I need to get it. there is no way a book by him is not interesting.


  11. Me, again:
    It was such a pleasure to post about you .... THANK YOU!

  12. Oh that book is beautiful. I agree with you that we take fashion for granted a lot. To many women, fashion is just a pretty dress. But to designers, I know many of them put their heart and soul into creating not just every day clothes but couture and art. It's an eye opener.

    I've heard phenomenal things about the Anastasia brow kit but I don't think it was in my price range in comparison to this one, especially since I got it discounted. But I hear that Urban Decay is selling their brow kit for $7 on their website. Not sure about the quality but I think it's similar in the construction.

  13. Jealous! I love flipping through fashion books but never was willing to cough up the cash for one of my own!

  14. You know I'm getting this book ASAP! Awesome dress! I have way too many fashion books, I always blamed it on my job (but we all know better - ha)!

  15. same problem here, i also just get about an evrage of 6 shots per look and have to work with that :S

  16. That book is amazing!!! an so your dress :)


  17. love the dress!!
    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  18. I love the print on the dress! Thank for the birthday wish on my blog babe. XOXO

  19. Wow, you look gorgeous! And great pictures ^^.

  20. Lucky you your sis didn't want it anymore! The pattern/colour of the dress goes well with your amazing hair.

  21. Oh wow! Mcqueen is such a genius and personally, a fashion inspiration for me. I've been planning to buy a book but the price is jacked up quite high here in the Philippines. Still thinking of having it bought in the US. I love that snakeskin print kaftan by the way! :) wish I had one

  22. I love the print on the dress...

  23. You always look fabulous and it would not take many shots to capture it! Congratulations on winning the book...I hope more books can begin to circulate...helps us with the finances!

  24. This dress looks great on you!
    Congrats on winning the book.

  25. I have the same problem!
    I ask my boyfriend to take a picture and get about 2 seconds of his time before he says 'yup, done' and wonders off.
    So frustrating!


  26. your dress is amazing!!love it!! i d like to see that book it seems very interesting,the photos are beautiful!!

    kisses <3

  27. It's an awesome dress and hey, I wouldn't discourage her either! I'd be like, yeah, you know...not too flattering on you and then snatch it away hehehe What are big sisters for?? :)


  28. Hi. New follower with the hop. Come on by

  29. True, don't argue with the sister. Just accept because that dress looks RAD on you. The print is amazing. Congrats on winning that book. I heart all things McQueen!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  30. I would killllll for this Alexander McQueen book. He was such a genius. This is just another way to preserve his memory. Lucky! :)

    I love this dress. It looks absolutely fabulous on you. If I had a sister, I would deffffff be stealing from her. She would probably be stuck with sweats and big T-shirts because I would have stolen everything out of her closet. Unless her sense of style sucked.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  31. That book sounds so great, he was amazing, I remember when I heard he died how shocked I felt. He was such a genius.
    I love your dress!! The print, and fit of it are so perfect on you. You rock all animal prints


  32. Mini-she does pretty well with a camera! That book looks really interesting!

  33. It seems everybody is either too busy or has nowhere to take outfit photos these days. Love the snake-print. Reminds me I have a thrifted snake print dress that needs some DIY-ing before I can wear it...

  34. Love the dress! I own the book.....isn't it fab? The exhibit blew my mind...he was an absolute genius!

    xo Vic

  35. alexander mcqueen is my hero!

    www.thefashlight.com (new post - 43 countless hours)

  36. I'm a new follower! Would love a follow back at http://www.toeuropewithkids.com/

  37. I love the snakeskin dress! Never seen anything like it!

  38. love your dress and you look stunning!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  39. Nice dress!


  40. I'm glad that the book arrived safe and sound!

  41. That dress looks pretty on you! What an amazing book. Terri is such a sweetheart. :)

  42. Hmmm.... maybe the snakeskin will look better on me if you decide you hate it. j/k

    It looks fabulous!

  43. That's a great score from your sister!!!

  44. My eyes got caught by your dress! Beautiful!Not anyone can wear those and almost everyone make it as an accessory. However this dress is so damn gorgeous to look at!Very nice!

  45. oh WOW, that dress looks amazing on you. Not sure what your sis was thinking, but what a beautiful dress. and so trendy too.
    Congrats on winning the book.

  46. I have almost the exact same dress, but mine is more of a water pattern and less of an animal pattern. I kind of like the animal better :)

    Congrats on the book win...I imagine it's a pretty spectacular book. I love the McQueen designs!


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