links a la [oomph.] 02.

first comes black friday.
then comes cyber monday.
next comes free shipping day.

this is a dream for those of us in faraway places where shipping usually costs more than the items we are purchasing! currently, there are over 1,600 participating stores. some sites will have sales and specials that day and some even guarantee
delivery by christmas...so,
mark your calendars for friday, december 16th.

check out http://www.freeshippingday.com for
participating stores.
start browsing and get your lists ready!
here are some links you might be interested in:


  1. woah im gonna be spending A LOT of money that day

    KIRA LILLY fashion blog

  2. I didn't know about free shipping day! Thanks for the heads UP! :D

  3. love free shipping day, I forgot until about a week ago when they emailed me and I was like oh yeah! yes!


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