berry comfortable.

i was just discussing with a few bloggers how "on" old navy has been recently. from this vest, to these shirts, to these skirts, i have been finding a lot of items that are proving to be very versatile. this skirt was another recent find which i hope will add some much needed color to my very neutral wardrobe. plus, it has a stretchy waistband making it a comfy work alternative.

yesterday, i stopped at a well known copy place to print out just one copy of mini-she's school project. it was a one-page, legal-sized color copy which should have cost two bucks and taken less than five minutes. i used to frequent this place in my college days, printing out papers and projects with the help of the employees. now, they just point you in the direction of a self-service machine. i won't get into the details, but almost 45 minutes later, i had two misprints and one oversized print which was going to cost me another three bucks to trim. i ended up taking my prints and leaving with the most shitty-est of feelings. does providing a self serve copier = no customer service? in today's economy, we should all be thankful to have jobs and the customers who support them. it got me thinking...how important is customer service to you? does it influence where you take your business? would you sacrifice customer service for cost? 

veggie & flax seed tortilla chips.
(top, f21; skirt, old navy (buy)(similar); shoes, jessica simpson (similar))

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Style Journey said...

Such a beautiful and rich berry color. You will end up loving this skirt. My berry skirt has been one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. This would look great with your fur vest or khaki vest, or olive green. Yes, customer service is important, but these days some people are just plain rude or really dumb unfortunately. Heather

StyleIDnet said...

I love it. love it that its elegant but looks fresh, relax not the 'stiff' type of elegant. The shirt is gorgeous.
Old Navy is one of my favorites. I discovered I fit in the kids sizes so I have from tops to skirts to shorts from the kids section.
You have no idea how much I appreciate customer service. Some times it may cost more to pay for good Customer service but at the end its worth it. I proved that this week when I bought my water heater. Customer service is all to me.


E. Louise said...

Super Awesome color combo!! I LOVE COLOR!!! You look great!

-E. Louise


Call me M said...

Your top is amazing. Love its print. And the color of the skirt is really nice. Great combination!
Customer service is really important to me. Especially when I go in a store, and the sales people are snob or mean to me, I never go back there. But I don't know if I would sacrifice it for cost. It depends.


this outfit is so pretty!



Unknown said...

Flax seed tortilla chips are amazing!! Love that blouse :) And yes, customer service is extremely important to me, esp in my line of work
xo Jac

Justine said...

Customer service is really important for me. A quick, well known example, there are numerous reasons why I might avoid Walmart. But the number 1 reason is because whenever I go there, no matter what day of the week, or what time it is, there are always only about 3 lines open for 15-20 people waiting to checkout. It always takes longer to checkout than it did for me to manage the huge store and pick out my stuff!

Love the skirt! I agree. I am really digging Old Navy lately. They're super affordable too which is always nice!

- Justine

April said...

I LOVE this look! The colors and cuts are amazing! C.S. is very important to me, but unfortunatly sometimes cost out weights it all : (

Meri said...

I have the same skirt! I got it on clearance for 7 dollars! It looks much better on you than on me though.

audrinajulia said...

That was a bad experienced. :( As a person I'm more into good customer service and if there's an experience that I don't like I don't put an effort to go back anymore. Lovethe skirt.

Frannie Pantz said...

I totally hear you on two accounts-the first is that I go to a copy place because I can't/don't want to do it myself and I know what you mean. So frustrating! Also Old Navy is totally werqing it as of late and this skirt is no exception. Love this blouse as well1

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

So sorry about the copy incident. Couldn't you just copy it at work? I despise going to those self serve places. Usually they take pity on me and come help.
Loving your grey and magenta combo though.

Laura said...

I love that shirt, it's so pretty.
Unfortunately poor customer service is pretty standard and if I only shopped where I got good customer service, well, I'd save a lot of money ;-)

Unknown said...

Love everything of this outfit!!! Expecially berry skirt. I'm happy that not just in Italy copy places behave in this shameful way... in fact sometimes I wonder if being able to use perfectly a printer is s skill that they teach me in elementary school in a day I was home... :(

Mrs. Aa said...

pretty combination :)

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Tiffany said...

To me, customer service is VERY important. For example, we have a Wal-Mart (super cheap, but NO customer service) and a Publix (a little more expensive, but fantastic customer service). I'd prefer to go into Publix any day over Wal-Mart!

I love that berry color, so pretty! And paired with the grey, it's just perfect!

welldressedmaker said...

Firstly, I really love this outfit. The print on that silky top is really cute and the colors you've used together look really good!

I think customer service is super important. I think that businesses are trying to cut costs wherever they can so they make a lot of self-serving options these days. Sometimes, I'm happy for that because I like to get things doing quickly and think I can do a better job. But most of the time, I just wish someone would tend to my needs because they're experts and that's their job.

Happy Weekend!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

JennaStevie said...

This skirt is the most beautiful colour, I've been loving berry tones lately!! And especially with your pretty bird print top.
Ugh nothing worse than not being able to get help and ending up frustrated because it takes forever :(

Anonymous said...

I have a little obsession with birds. So I'm pretty much in love with that top!!

Unknown said...

remind me again why I haven't gone to old navy in a while??? Seriously need to! This skirt is adorable!

xo Jackie
SHOP mark. Fashion & Beauty this Holiday Season!

AGAM said...

Loving everything about the look!!

Balancing Lisa said...

love the color of that skirt! so pretty!


WitchHazel said...

Customer Service is one of THE most important things to me.. it totally dictates where I spend my money. It only takes one bad experience for me to completely write a place off.. I'm not one of those "let me see a manager" people, but I speak volumes with my WALLET ;)

I'm loving this color combo and that awesome shirt! Another fab outfit ♥

Oreleona said...

i lovvee the outfit!!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Super love that skirt! I use to work at a copy place in college and NEVER did that crap. I think it's the culture. Pure laziness! So sorry you went through that. I would've been frustrated too.

Ellie M said...

Love this outfit :) x

Monsterchen said...

i love this berry skirt, looks really good paired with your grey shirt and the cute birds;) and whose tail is that on the picture?;)
love and kiss,mary


Kassandra said...

Oh my! I love that top! And paired with the skirt is perfect! You look amazing miss!
<3 Kastles

AzaharaJStyle (lost in Palma) said...

he! wonderful shirt

Claire said...

loving that bird top and how beautiful is your skirt. you always look so fab.


Sia said...

I die for these colours together. I'm totally going to try it. XOXO

Unknown said...

I'm drooling over your gorgeous skirt is so pretty!
Great look from head to toe

<3 Marina

SpryOnTheWall said...

Beautiful skirt - I love that shirt too!

I had my own run in with crapo customer service last week. I honestly think people just don't care about other people these days. It's like everyone is socially inept.

✗✗ said...

Such a fantastic look!! I LOVE your shoes!! I haven't been to Old Navy in forever, I will have to make a stop by!

Tara said...

Such a gorgeous color! And I love it paired with that neutral blouse...especially with that print :)

Unknown said...

Love your blouse, its so cute and so is that pretty raspberry skirt!!

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