DoMy Jeans.

i think everyone would agree that shopping for the perfect pair of jeans is never an easy task. you either love the cut but not the color, or love the fit but not the length. as a petite
5'-2", i've always had to hem up my jeans because they were too long, and they never looked as good as the original.

enter DoMy Jeans, a website that allows you to customize
jeans to your liking.

women can create their perfect pair with the following options:
 - waistline (low, medium, high)
- cut (slim, boot, capri, straight)
- wash (4 types)
- belt loops (9 styles)
- front pockets (12 styles)
- back pockets (27 styles)
- fly (zip, button)
- buttons (14 types)
- distress (rips or no rips)
 then enter your measurements for the perfect fit.

men can also customize jeans with similar options.

i have spent way too much money on way too many pairs of jeans over the years trying to get it right. custom made jeans just make sense! DoMy Jeans is offering the following promotions so that you can give their custom jeans a try!

$10 promotion valid until 3-30-13
code: dmjb8wjx
code: dmj2jdny

$20 promotion valid until 3-30-13
code: dmjrj8pl

tell me about your experiences when shopping for jeans.
do you have unique measurements that make it difficult to find a pair that fits? are custom and tailor made jeans something you would be interested in?


  1. oh wow! this is so awesome! i agree finding jeans that fit "just right" is like nearly impossible!!! i would love to try this!

  2. What a great idea. I always have a hard time finding jeans that aren't low-rise yet still fashionable. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. My husband is the pickiest person ever when it comes to his jeans. I might have him give this a try!

  4. Wow so really interesting. I love it the jeans! Seriusly!


  5. There IS a jean heaven!!! HaHaHa That is so awesome. Because jeans are a pain when trying to get the right fit.

  6. What an interesting idea. It does totally make sense especially if they get it right.

  7. The bleachings are very beautiful !

  8. WoW! Great idea! Maybe I'll try?

  9. Neat idea.
    I find I radiate towards certain brands. Right now, J Brand. So comfortable and the lengths are perfect for me. I'm 5"7 and even though it's not that tall, lots of jeans are too short!

  10. that is genius! I don't wear jeans as often as i used to when i was in grad school because i just like skirts better, but at times i just wanna relax and jean out, you know? :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  11. Oh yeah! I have no defined waist, this gaping waists. I usually can only do men's jeans or jeggings.
    a pair that fit perfectly? I dare dream....

  12. Love you style and blog. Thanks for stopping by and I am now following. I look forward to reading and following.


  13. This is so cool! I need to check this out! I have always had trouble with jeans!!


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