a week of stripes. extreme.

 today it's all about extremes.
nowadays, it seems like anything goes, as long as you are comfortable wearing it. i've mixed stripes of different colors and sizes, and the mix i like best is one where the stripes are close in size and run in the same direction. this provides some uniformity and is easy on the eye.

are you comfortable mixing stripes?
if so, what's your mix?

cute earrings made by my neighbor.
had lunch with a friend at inferno's wood fire pizza. at her recommendation, i ordered the guava smoked pork pizza: guava smoked pork, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, maui onions, and kilauea bbq sauce. normally i don't go for sweet, but the flavor wasn't overwhelming. it was pretty good.
(f21 top, eight sixty skirt)

try these combinations:

in case you missed it:


  1. These colored stripes are cool together. I have only done neutral (black and grey). Great wide belt too!

  2. I'm not a big print person but love stripes. The belt really breaks up the look so it doesn't appear too jailhouse ;) I love the color combination.

  3. Very nice!! That belt is so nice and ties it all together well!

  4. This look is awesome Becks! I love the pairing of the two colors. Lol, my stripes are still paired with solids. HaHaHa Ok, now I have pizza on the brain!

  5. you had me at stripes. and a week? bliss

  6. Great colors worn together and I really love your earrings with this outfit! HOpe all is well!

    xx, Pip


  7. I would have never thought that a mix of those two colors could look so great! :)


  8. ah, I've said it before, and I will say it again- I love that skirt!!! I'm a bit scared of horizontal stripes as I've got some big ol' child bearing hips on me and they definitely do not need to be exaggerated further!!! vertical stripes though, now that's a winner! :)

  9. The mix of stripes looks gorgeous, and love the colour pairings too! xx

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  10. ooh, I wore my striped skirt, today also You look smashing!!!
    Big Hugs

  11. great idea to mix the same pattern in light and dark colors, the look is just stunning. i like the way you experiment on colors and patterns. Stripes is a favorite.

  12. I'm loving the mixture of different color stripes! You look great.


  13. I am loving the mixing of different stripes!! I don;t think I've ever tried to mix stripes together but it definitely works, the different colour or even different sizes of stripes makes the mix so good

  14. oh la la, I'm loving the stripes on stripes look on you! I've been trying to be bold and do pattern on pattern, I think it's a super cute spring look.

  15. Loving the color of that skirts, and the stripes on stripes is perfect!

  16. I love the way the stripes look together! you really know how to rock the extremes!!

  17. Lovely look ! so cute !
    beautiful stripes.




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