mini style. food fight.

when it comes to kids' clothes, it seems girls have a lot more options. especially here in our warm, sunshiny state, the stylish option to layer boys up in collared shirts and sweaters or jackets...well, just isn't an option. (we're lucky if we can even get them to wear shirts on a hot day!). so with jeans, shorts, and tees as standard uniform, i try to make them fun tees and cool jeans with some killer shoes.

the other thing with kids? they grow too fast. all the clothes mini-he received as gifts years ago all-of-a-sudden fit. his t-shirt drawer is overflowing, and he has more shoes than any boy should have. i started him a 'closet' on the recently launched marketplace, because they grow too fast (www.btgtf.com), where i can sell or swap his pre-loved clothes, or buy new-to-him ones.

and for all you big kids (a.k.a. adults), you can start a closet on their sister site, because i shop too much.

a yummylicious "thank-you" from a friend. mini-he and i devoured this as soon as we got home. oops...sorry mini-she!
(ae kids tee; denizen jeans, old navy shoes)

try these:

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  1. I have two boys and I agree that it is much harder to find things for boys. The boys section of most stores is so small that it takes a lot more effort to find stylish clothes.

  2. cute post!!
    that cupcake looks soooo good!! :D

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  3. It's a cute tee! And I love mini-he's curly hair.

    1. thanks terri! his curls are getting much looser as he gets older!

  4. That's a pretty cute outfit! I get what you mean...I always felt sorry for boys because their clothing options were so boring (well, before I started trying to not be girly, I mean...) At least you have vests for summer layering to make it look a little more stylish? If he'll put up with them, of course.


    1. yes, boys don't have a lot of choices!

  5. That's awesome you do that, because kids outgrow things so fast. I love his tee and tennis shoes! Too cute!

  6. this is such a cute outfit - i LOVE that shirt!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $50 shabby apple giveaway

  7. your kiddo is ADORABLE. I love skulls (you already know that) so, yeah! ;)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

    1. we love skulls around here, too!

  8. One styling little dude! Love that tee! xo

  9. That is very cute. I love the outfit all together. I like the shoes even. Great getup!


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