mini style + small feet.

it's not often that i stalk websites.
until i want something. badly.
and right now, i'm wanting shoes. shoes that fit
[begin rant]
as someone who wears a size 5 shoe, it's frustrating to find that more and more companies are not making or stocking size 5s. if they do, it's a very limited section of crap. small-footed women want cute shoes, too! so while my closet may be filled with shoes, you'll notice that i wear the same ones often...because they fit. for once, it would be nice to wear cute heels that aren't stuffed with inserts or boots that don't have to be double or triple socked. for once, i'd like to give my toes and heels a break from all the toe-clenching and rubbing i put them through just to keep my shoes from slipping off.
[end rant]
last year, i got lucky and found a cute pair at zara, so i've been frequenting their site in hopes of finding another one. nothing yet, but i did find this cute tee for mini-he. they have great deals on their spring/summer items, but they're going fast.

anyone else out there with small feet? holla!
where do you find cute shoes that fit?

i'm done.
(zara kids tee (sale! buy); nike shorts (similar), osiris shoes (buy))

*     *     *

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  1. You should ask Gentri!! www.gentrileeblog.com
    She wears a teeny size 4 and always has a hard time finding shoes too. She can totally sympathize with you. I never thought of how hard it would be for you people with tiny feet until she was talking to me about it!

    1. wow, size 4s! will definitely check her out! thanks!

  2. I love the mini style post! Wow, it must be really hard to find a size 5, I can't even imagine. My feet are HUGE so I've never had that problem haha!



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. thanks, ash! you guys get all the good shoes, lol!

  3. My mom was a size 5 and had a horrible time finding shoes :) Sorry you have had such a hassle finding a pair that you like!

  4. I don't have kids yet but I know from when my parents had to do back to school shopping with us it use to cost them an arm and a leg! And every year I just had to have new shoes and a new shiny pencil case lol. I have issues with my size shoe being sold out as well, seems like these days every time I go to the mall for anything even beauty items they are sold out!

    1. yeah, maybe because we are finishing summer and starting fall...no one is really restocking in between seasons!

  5. Yeah, it's gotta be tough to shop for shoes when your feet are that small. And when you have size 6.5/7 it's sort of a hassle too because those sizes always seem to go first. And if you have a size 10 or something then it's hard to find shoes that big too. Shoe designers should just make more of all sizes!

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

  6. becks, i have the exact opposite problem...long feet! hahaha i feel your pain girl. you're getting a lot of good feedback so i hope that helps. your son is just too cute! i love his outfit and those kicks. :D

  7. awww... what a cute post! he's charming

  8. omg Becks, I was a size 5 back in second grade! hahaha. I was terrified that my feet would get too big, but I'm a 7/7.5 now and have the problem of not finding any cute shoes in my size because everyone wears a 7.5. LAME!


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