a video. quick hello + mini haul.

sorry for the abrupt finish, my phone ran out of storage!

watch it on YouTube
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shopping links:
l'oreal sublime sun sunscreen
enzo angiolini pumps - similar
gray shirt - similar

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stay tuned for a great giveaway coming up later today!


  1. It was nice to see you! Love the rings!

    Sun and Sand

  2. nice! so many shoes!



  3. BECKS! I loved this!!!! You have the best shoes! Gosh those are gorgeous and I love those rings girl. I need to try that sunscreen. I like that it's lighter. Because body sunscreen is so HEAVY! I MISS YOU! I'll be glad when your new computer comes in my stylish friend. You look great! Take care and Happy Weekend. Love the video doll.

  4. It was really nice to hear your voice again! I loved your purchases, especially the 2 pairs of shoes you got in the same style! Can't wait to see you wearing them.

  5. you are adorable!!!!! Hope you do more videos!! I'm trying to work with Imovie, to upload some videos soon and trying ways to work around it I discoveredvideofyme, super easy for quick videos (this is not an undercover advert!!!! I've just discovered and it's going to make a great way of doing quick video posts when I am on holidays without having to suffer with my computer or any complicated editing software! :) xx

  6. You are adorable! love all your new items! Super loving all your new shoes! xo


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