a week of red heels. sweatshirt.

i love the idea of a casual sweatshirt paired with dressy heels.
i envisioned a longer, knee-length, DIY denim cutoff (higher the stiletto, longer the hemlines in my book), but i never got around to that DIY. i made do with this pair, but you get the idea behind this casual / dressy juxtaposition.

did you hear about the elementary school clerk in georgia who persuaded a gunman to turn himself in? i'm sure she was hella scared, but she kept her cool and protected the lives of 800+ children. i literally teared up listening to the 911 recordings. kudos to that amazing woman.

what is your favorite fashion juxtaposition?

my favorite is the dark chocolate dipped coconut cookie.
(zara sweatshirt; enzo angiolini heels; JustFab bag c/o;
aeropostale shorts; ray-ban sunglasses)

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  1. I also love this combination. Great concept and good execution.

  2. I heard about that woman, but I haven't read or heard the whole story yet. Regardless, it is AMAZING and I am so proud of her. As a mother, that is your worst nightmare! I can't imagine.

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I really love how those hot red heels dress up the sweater.


    P.S. Giveaway for Remy hair extensions on my blog!

  4. I think you matched the hemline to the shoes perfectly. I have the same "rule", and that applies to sleeves as well - shorter bottoms with longer sleeves and vice versa. I just like the balance. :)

  5. Great outfit Becks! That woman should get a reward! How she handled that situation was amazing.

  6. nice bag <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  7. Rocking those red heels! No, I haven't heard about the school clerk in Georgia, she sounds amazing. Will have to do some googling after this to find out more.

  8. Great combinatione! I love your sweater soooo much!


  9. Becks, you make those red heels and shorts look so chic!

  10. This combination is fantastic, love the sweatshirt with cut offs and heels. Such a great juxtaposition of dressed up and down

  11. love the balance between casual and dressy :) & that cookie looks bomb!

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  12. Gorgeous with the touch of red-ness! =D I'm pinning your pic to my Pinterest.
    I didn't hear about that incident and that's a really brave thing to do. To risk her life for 800+ people. That's beyond courageous.


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