rocking feathers in my hair.
a fairly neutral outfit with some splashes of orange-red throughout. this clutch was a gift from my friends over at sisters marie, the creators of Because I Shop Too Much. do check out their amazing site if you are looking to swap or sell your clothes, or if you are interested in some great deals on new and pre-loved items. with summer coming to an end, this is the perfect time to update your closet for fall.

i haven't done a FLIXology in a while,
so scroll down for a must see.

do you swap, sell, or buy second hand clothes?
if so, which app or site do you use?

(gap jacket; f21 denim; enzo angiolini shoes; top via local shop)

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this series follows a seemingly normal, young, white woman imprisoned for a crime she committed over ten years ago. there is so much emotion, comedy, and drama as the story of each inmate unfolds. there are characters you love and ones you love to hate, but they are all an integral part of the story line. my reaction to the season finale? holy, holy $hit! OMFG! the question still unanswered...does prison change a person, or does it make them realize who they really are?


  1. Love all the prints in this look! So pretty!



  2. Awww you look super amazing girl ^^

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  3. I love the pastel mix in this outfit! The patterns on your pants are AWESOME! I love the pop of red you added with your shoes and clutch too. I totally buy second hand stuff as well, but it's usually at the thrift stores.. I haven't tried any apps, but maybe i'll give that a try! thanks for sharing!


  4. Feathers! Haven't thought about statement pieces in my hair at all :D Cool idea and not too obvious. Goes so well with the look.


  5. The orange is the new black was a great show. Can't wait to see whats going to happen in the next season

  6. I like "Orange..." too. Haven't made it to the end yet so your reaction entices me.

  7. You look lovely! And I've been wanting to watch this series!

  8. I love your pants and your bag! I've never worn feathers in my hair, just in my ears. That's kind of the same, lol.

  9. i love the feathers becks and that bag is awesome!

  10. LOVE this look and love you with that bag! glad you like it! ;) me and the hubby are loving Orange is the new black, but we are only 7 episodes in...I must finish now that I see your reaction! xo


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