full of yourcelf.

as personal style bloggers, we are fairly comfortable with having our picture taken. heck, we even take them ourselves. but i'm not talking about self-photographing outfit photos with a tripod. i'm talking about selfies. the shameless photos we take of ourselves with our handheld devices while we are out and about, documenting what we're eating, seeing, or doing at the moment...for the blog's sake, of course! blame it on social media if you like, but we're all guilty of this. at least, i am. #sorryimnotsorry

wearing a designer inspired tee from Patty's Closet. and for those who aren't in the know, (don't feel bad, i wasn't either until i googled) a celfie is a selfie that is taken specifically with your cell phone.

do you celfie?

what would a celfie post be without a celfie?
...or two.
or three or four or five...
wait, here's more...
(tee c/o Patty's Closet (808-235-2924); Patty's Closet skirt (808-625-6441)
nine west shoes; h&m bag; honey love necklace)

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  1. Ooooooh! I totally didn't know that! Thanks for the info! I do love these tees. This one looks great with the leopard skirt!

  2. the whole outfit is cute especially that shirt

  3. Gaaah I need the celfie shirt, it's really cute. And I am loving this skirt, another amazing leopard print item you own

  4. omg that shirt is so cute, i totally want one!
    and i love how you styled it, that skirt is fabulous!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  5. I always find it very difficult to style leopard print, but you give me so many useful tips, thanks a bunch!

  6. You're hilarious, honey! There's nothing wrong with a selfie (or 10!)...they seem to get tons of love on Instagram!

    xo April

  7. hehe you're super cute and hilarious at the same time! Loved you celfies, and your look! Amazing skirt, and top!

  8. You're so cute! I don't do selfies only because I look really bad in photos!

  9. I don't really do selfies but if I were as cute as you are I would. I hate pictures of myself which is something I am trying to get over so my kids have a lot of photos of us together when they get older!

  10. Oh I celfie alright! Lol.
    Loved this post. xo

  11. I celfie sometimes but didn't know the difference between celfie and selfie. Haha.. Good one!.. You look pretty as usual!

  12. love this shirt. I celfie all the time.

  13. lol!!i love this!! your celfie tee is so cute but you're even cuter!! i love your eye makeup in that one pic where you're fixing your lipstick!!

  14. HaHaHa Becks! And you do it well my friend! Keep it going! I love that tee!

  15. Love the outfit - from the t-shirt to the shoes! Haha about the selfies, food pictures, etc. - once you start doing it , it's hard to stop after that.


  16. guilty! I am such a camwhore! :))) your shirt is awesome!


  17. totally guilty...i have no problem with selfies (or celfies). and you, you never take a bad picture, do you?

  18. I try to take pics of my cats and things, not so much me. I suppose if one of my cats wanted a blog he could use my pics of him for a celfie to share. lol

  19. What an adorable outfit and the tee looks great with the skirt.

  20. hehe love that shirt!! i wish my dog would let me take more pics of him. he hides when he sees my phone or moves ON PURPOSE (im convinced).

  21. OMG! Becks, I LOOOOOVE this outfit.

    xx Love & Aloha

  22. Celfie is taken with cell phone only... LOL. I am at the stage in life where Im like, what does that mean? A what? You call that music? Sound like my Mom did when I was young, lol. That is a cute shirt and I can see my Niece and my Daughter wearing that. I like the leopard shorts... those are cute.


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