marathon chronicles 04. fabletics.

with my increasing mileage, i have to take into consideration what i'm wearing. i used to be able to get away with a bathing suit top, any tank top/athletic short, and whatever socks i could find for short walks or jogs. now that i'm actually running, i need supportive sports bras, moisture-wicking clothing, and thicker socks for my current shoes.

i am usually dripping with sweat after my 5-mile night runs...i can't imagine what i'll look like after 10+ miles in the sun. one of my fears is having unsightly sweat stains, because after 26 marathon miles, you can bet i will be sweating evvvrywhere!

i was excited to try a few items from Fabletics. in general, their items run big, so check the size charts and read the reviews for recommendations to size down. i wasn't able to wear the Ayni Sports Bra because it was way too big, but i initially chose it for it's cute racerback style and bright yellow color.

the Oula Tank in XS fit perfectly. i prefer my tops to be loose-fitting, and this one had a nice stretch that was fitted but not tight. the material isn't what i'd normally expect for an exercise top. this one was similar to that of a seamless camisole - very static-y, clingy, and just felt "warm". while i prefer more of a silky material, i wore this for a 3-mile walk on a hot day and it was definitely comfortable. i will see how it handles sweat on my next run. the Oula Tank is on the longer side.

the Suva Run Short is my absolute favorite so far. it's comfortable, extremely lightweight, and handles sweat well. i could have sized down for a better fit, but by folding the waist over once, it is wearable...and i wear them as often as they are clean! one issue i had with them is that the inseam was a little long, and it would sometimes irritate my legs when i ran. Fabletics recently introduced their Suva Run Short II which has a shorter inseam and spandex added to the material blend for a little stretch. i look forward to trying them.

quinoa salad + strawberry shake. 
almond milk soy latte + curry wrap. 
mini-she and i ended up having some time to kill, so we walked to get a bite to eat and then kept on walking for three miles! it was the first time my new balance 890v4s got off the treadmill and hit the pavement.

do you have a go-to brand for your workout clothes?
have you tried Fabletics? if so, what's your favorite item?


  1. haha fabletics is the perfect name, will have to check them out!
    anyway, love this post, you go girl!


    ♥ Ellen
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  2. I've never heard of Fabletics, but have heard of JustFab, which is a partner? I don't have a go-to brand. If it fits, is reasonably priced and works well, I'll buy it. Mini-she looks like she could be your twin. :)

  3. those camo running shorts are really cute! Fabletics seems like the go-to brand for running wear! I usually buy my stuff at Forever 21. Good luck with your training!

  4. I have been wear UA(under armor) clothes to run in. Good luck on your training.

  5. very cool clothes for running! I helps so much when you know you look good!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. Nice clothes! Very stylish. It's so gratifying to see people focus on health. Too many people are ignoring that today -- and will pay the price tomorrow.

  7. Love how stylish fabletics clothes are! you look fab! ;) xo

  8. i'm usually dressed in nike from head to toe. we have an outlet about 10 min away from my house, which is dangerous. i'm so impressed with your running! i'm barely up to 2 miles haha!
    xo jac

  9. i love all the fun prints of fabletics! and good job on increasing that running mileage!

    cute & little
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  10. Lovely camo running shorts !! nice athlete.
    Beautiful post.


  11. Wow good for you. I eat healthy but I don't like to run, especially outdoors in the sun lol. I like to work out but I don't like the gym lol its a love hate relationship lol.

    Good luck!


  12. OMG! These are cool outfits for running :) I was out for a run yesterday, I was so inspired because I also bought a new sports bra and its pink! brand is Malibu Babe :3 Hope I can blog about it soon, like you. I ended up wearing shorts too by Terranova, because I was too lazy to find my yoga pants. hahaha! I like your shorts btw, and yay for going out with your mini-she! :) You girls look like friends :)

  13. lovely food and yummy food
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  14. Oh the food looks delicious~

  15. Those are so cute! I love that you make exercising FUN!

  16. I've wanted to try this out! Next time I get "back into fitness".

    7% Solution

  17. I sweat like crazy when I run. The last marathon I ran I was dripping by the end :) It's part of the reason I run in the morning when the temp is the lowest, it is way too hot here in the middle of the day in the summer. I would not do well....


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